No Smoking Day

6 months done and dusted!!

Hello all,

Won't be around over the week-end so I am going to post today instead.

On Sunday I will have been smoke free for 6 whole months. This is one of the milestones that I have been SO looking forward to, given that I smoked for 34 years I never thought I could last so long. The next one is obviously 1 year.:D

Well, what can I has been an experience (one that I never want to repeat) but I can honestly say that it is THE best thing I have ever done. I should never have taken up the b****y filthy habit in the first place and should never have let it go on as long but hey I was an addict and I cannot change that. BUT I have now finally nailed it and I am chuffed to bits.

The benefits gained are just too many to mention but one that I am most pleased about is the control that I have gained back into my life rather than me being controlled by cigarettes. No longer do I have to think about where and when I can get my fix.

I do still occasionally think about cigarettes and still have the odd crave but they are immediately squashed. The nico demon is still trying to get me with the "go on, remember how nice a cig goes with that lovely cool glass of wine in your hand" but I can tell him to b****r off with confidence.:cool:

For all the folk on here that are just quitting...DO NOT GIVE UP GIVING is soooo worth the initial discomfort (not pain, that is too strong a word).

Regards to all


P.S. Tracy Nolan,,,are you still here? Congrats on your 6 months too.

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CONGRATS Bernie 6 months thats fab work. your in the half way penthouse.xxxxxx


Fan-bleeding-tastic Bernie!!

Well done!


Well done Bernie 6 months is a MASSIVE achievement.

I think you have it sussed when you are counting in months rather than days.

Be good to be counting in years ? ;):D



A huge well done Bernie :D

6 months does feel massively significant doesn't it?***

I think it's safe to say that you have it beat :D

***Really looking forward to mine next week :)


Hi Bernie :D :D

6 whole months done that's wonderful hearty





BUT I have now finally nailed it and I am chuffed to bits.

And so you should be.



CONGRATULATIONS, Bernie. Six months is a big milestone! :D:D:D



What a great achievement. Keep going Bernie well on the way to the penhouse now.

Jan xx


Thanks all for your messages of congrats. Here's to the next 6 months and the Penthouse.




well done girl,wow,so proud of you bernie,,6 months ,,you are well on your way to the pent house,,keep the faith tony,just keep:D:D:D


hi bernie feels great dont it still going well done


Hi Tracy

Thought we'd lost you for a bit there.:D

Well done - nearly 7 months now hey.



Well Done

Heres to you, I am only at the 23 day stage, but I am so much hoping that I get to where you are at. I have treated myself to some beautiful perfume equivalent to 21 packs of fags! I am wearing it right now and I feel great. Looking forward to more treats rather than trying to slowly kill myself each day. Good luck and thank you to everyone on this site. Love, Jeanx


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