No Smoking Day

holiday booked

Hi all

well booked the holiday southern Italy for a month in july/august and looking forward to this one more than ever

Drive to gatwick-smoke free

Flights-SMOKE FREE-thank God-used to dread flying without a fag

Sunbathing-smoke free

not trying to ask or look for fags in Italy-Stress free!!!

been a non-smoker is sooooooo worth those craves for a few months

now crave free, smoke free and stress free

oh and more cash to spend on italian shoes-whoop whoop!!!!!

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So if I hang in there just 5 more months I will sound like you??? I want to sound just like that badly but right now it seems impossible at times.... So it is good to hear one so happy!!!! It motivates me.... thank you :)

Excellent job, Shabba.... truly! Have fun on that vacation.... too bad it is still a bit away :)



Enjoy your holiday.

I know what you mean about the stress free's. There are so many when you think about it - where, when, how we are going to manage to get a fag when there are so many blockers and no smoking signs :eek:- makes me cringe to think about it now.




Well done Shabba you luck thing. Have a fab time hun.xxxxxx


Great to have something to look forward to and its great to be looking forward to it smoke free!!


Hi Shabba :D :D

I really hope you enjoy your holiday you have certainly earned it and everything you plan to do smoke free it will be wonderful for you Whahay

I may go away in May for a few days not sure yet

Love Mummy Mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Great stuff Shabba and I hope that you thoroughly enjoy yourself on your hols.

A number of us had shaky periods last year when it came to our individual hols. For me as a cyclist I go on cycle touring hols and when we set up camp, fed and watered and was having a well earned beer I got the biggest crave ever!!!

Basically nicodemon had encroached 'cos I was on holiday and allowed to treat why couldn't I treat myself to a ciggy?

The above tableau was played out also by others in their specific circumstances but the warning is generic in that being on holiday is a huge trigger point.

Have a good holiday - now that I've suitably scared you and others :o



Hi Cav

I think you need a slap for that naughty boy :p

Love Marg


Hi Cav

I think you need a slap for that naughty boy :p

Love Marg

OH finds either a good dig in the ribs or kick on the shins registers with me.

But just don't say that I didn't warn yous all.

*we're doomed, doomed I tell ya*


hi shabba ,you enjoy your hol"s,,you deserve it,,o and when you come back of your hol"s,,we dont want to see youe sun tan ,,just your white bits :D:D,


keep the faith tony


There won't be any white bits- i have a villa there which is very private;)


Hi Shabba :D

Getting really jealous now but hope to go to Egypt maybe in 18 months or so

all being well


Mummy Mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


hi Mummy M

Eygpt-never been there-would love to go-should hook up and have a girlie trip!!!!:D


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