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Day 3 today- whoo!

I am very very pleased, and a bit surprised that i'm now on day 3!

I didn't have the easiest of evenings- I really wanted to nip outside and smoke 'just one', but I didn't- I ha d a mental image of my dad in my head everytime I started getting restless.

I've woken up feeling much better than i did last night- only I'm dreading work- I work on the cigerette kiosk!!!!!!!!!


I have told all my workmates I have given up, and luckily i only work 2 nights there a week :)

I am waking up with that 'after smoking heavily' furry mouth too... which feels a bit strange considering I haven't smoked! Is this normal?

Hope all you other 'day 3'ers' have a fab day :D

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Well done great work.

I'm dreading work- I work on the cigerette kiosk!!!!!!!!!

Pity the poor slaves to nicotine standing in line so they can ensure they get their fix 20 times a day. Notice how rank they smell, their yellow hands and stained teeth.

Use your work to remind yourself why you have binned the "habit"

All the best



Wow, what an intersting situation, giving up and working on a ciggy kiosk, suppose its like being an alcoholic and working in a pub.

Although cigarettes are constantly in your head and hard to escape, I suppose as the previous post said you are able to see how sad the nicotine slaves are. Burning away their money, at a financial time when their family could possibliy really do with the extra cash. Instead they are such slaves to the habit that they probably deny their family some quite basic essentials in a modern world to feed their habit instead.

What better reminder of the rut these people find themselves in, meanwhile you are finally free and fresh. Half way through the first week, nice one. :)

As you know I am also on Day 3, also I have not drank either, feel to insecure to do so at the moment.

Generally feel much better, lungs dont ache, and feel lighter, and have a slight spring in my step. Actually went for a run last night, as my lungs were not clogged up. As a consequence felt knackered when I got back home and slept like a baby.

Feel really alert today.

Phil. :cool:


Well done both

Lovely to hear you both so happy and fighting fit in day 3. Congrats.

Minnie was thinking of you in work this morning think you are going to be one of the winners. at the start of your quit having hard things in your way (partner smoking/working with ciggys) Will just make you stronger. Have a good day three.xxxx


Thats great work running already on day 3 and feeling the benifits.xxxx


Hi Minnie :D

Well done day 3 already things really will start to get easier very soon as for the fury mouth think it is probably yet sympton and will soon pass

As for working in a ciggie kiosk I agree with Nic use it to help make yourself stronger pity those poor people who can't wait to get their hands on a pkt of fags they are the ones suffering not you only they don't know it yet

They are the losers not you

You are doing really well just hang in there



Hi Phil :D

Well done to you also on day 3 you sound really upbeat about this and alert

Good Luck



Thank you :D

I find logging into this forum and reading the stories etc really helps when i'm having an 'argh the kids are driving me mad I'd normally go smoke' moment!!


Glad to find you on day three Minnie! Well done! And well done Phil also. I second what Linda says, you have had issues from the outset and had a positive mind. Thats the worst done. xxx


Hi Minnie and Phil

I think you are both doing fab getting to your 3rd day.

Minnie like others have said i would really use the fact that i worked on a ciggy kiosk as a benefit, the fact that you are seeing on a daily basis the results of smoking would help i hope anyway hun.

Phil, well done and isnt it great being able to take great big breaths of air without coughing?




well, I have to were all right!

I wasn't tempted buy the packs of cigs on the shelves at all, i sold them and it was almost like I was selling tins of paint.. nothing there at all.. how odd!

I took my break in the staffroom with coffee and a cookie instead of running outside for a smoke- and felt much more relaxed afterwards- probably because I actually sat down for my break instead of legging it outside to grab a ciggy!



Hi Minnie :D

I am so pleased for you and another hurdle passed as I know you dreaded going to work so you did really well

You are over halfway through the first reaaly hard week and things will start to get better




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