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:) Sorry i did,nt realise i was being negative on my last post! I am positive about it this time round. Armed with my reasons for quitting and as much information as i can read. I find being on here reading other peoples experiences helps. I,ve gone cold turkey this time as i just want rid of the nicotine an i have read allen carrs book though am about to read it again! Feeling great at the mo x

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I don't think your 1st post was particularly "negative" maybe a little apprehensive but that's all.

I hope today runs smoothly for you, if there are points you find tough and can get on here to post it is a great distraction.

To be honest it sounds like you have bags of resolve and will do great.

Best wishes.



Hi Lilbear,

Welcome to the forum. I've read your other post and no, you aren't being negative. Far from seem to be approaching this quit in a sensible and prepared way.

Hope to read you over the next few days whilst you rid yourself of the nico bastard.



Hi LilBear

Welcome to the forum you will find all the help and support you need on here we all help each other and well done on the decision to quit possibly one of the most important you will ever make

Like the Boys I read your other post and agree with them it is not negative

Read as much as you can, read the posts on here and click on the links you will find on many of them it will all help, the more you understand about why you smoked and addiction the easier it will be for you

Good Luck




Just want to say thankyou for the warm welcome an the encouragement it helps alot and i,m so glad i found the forum x


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