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Negative thoughts


I need to make more time to come on here and post because I am feeling very very negative at the moment about the whole stopping smoking thing.

I am sick of getting fatter, I know its because I am eating too much but its not like I dont do any exercise or anything and try to eat healthy. I tried very hard not to worry about it but its over 4 months now and its still creeping up.

I was a bit too thin before but ive put on over a stone in 4 months and i'm fat and unattractive (at least that what I see whan I look in the mirror). And everytime I get on the scales ive put on another pound or two even if ive only eaten fruit or whatever. and its getting to the stage when i'm weighing myself every 5 minutes.

I never used to think about food and now its constantly on my mind and im feeling very very low. I dont want to smoke again but at the moment I'd do anything to stop putting weight on and bursting out of my clothes.

Everyone says dont worry about it your more healthy, it will settle down etc etc, it was a bit of a laugh at first having such an increased capacity for food and i was quite enjoying it but now its wearing thin and im unhappy.

I'm not expecting any miracle advice ive just come on to let off steam really.


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Hey sharkbait consider this I have some extra pounds packed on during failed quit attempts... going back to smoking did not take them off.... as a matter of fact I got even heavier because I gave up the gym too:mad:

Having the weight from quitting is onething... having it and going back to smoking is worse... trust me.

I am a bit stockier than I would like but I know if go back to smoking I will also reduce physical activity and not loose weight

They say that qutting changes your metabolism... but in the end you are healthier and in the long run will look better with better skin and smell better too.

Getting on the scale constantly will only make you crazy:eek:


If you were a bit too thin before and put on a stone I think that what you see (Fat & Unattractive) is not the real you!! Just ask Max what he thinks of you!

Into month 5 the weight will come down a bit, I had a low period around 20 weeks, then *puff* like magic I had turned a corner and all was brighter x x x x

You are very close to feeling better than you have done in years hold on, stay strong and don't worry about the weight :mad: if anything just vow to spend more time exercising after christmas Ok x x

~Buffy x x


awwww shark I sympathise with u here I really do, its sooo hard coping with the inevitable weight gain that quitting brings, I too have struggled with this.

I had an episode just the other day which really depressed me, I got a pair of jeans from debenhams a few months ago which I had only worn once or twice b4 the quit and they were roomy then, put them on on friday to go shopping, and they just about went over my hips and felt really snug around the thigh and hip area, (they were still baggyish on the waist which makes it worse coz I obviously now have thunder thighs!) anyways went shopping and the seam looked stretched, by 8pm the goddamn seam split right down the leg!!

They just bloody burst open at the side of the leg, my arse and the crotch, I was like "dear god I cant be that fat!!!"

After crying myself to sleep by sat morning I had convinced myself that maine obviously uses crap flimsy material. honest!! hehehe

Anyway Im not gettin worked up anymore about it and figure what buffy also told me a few months back, the weight will even out in the 5th month, coz Im not eating differently, and Im doing hill walking and cycling.

Its the bodies metabolism evening out, so try not to stress too much hun and worry about it after christmas!!

luv charlene :)


Thanks guys for your support,

I know your right and it cant keep going up and up. I'll just hope for an ailment that curbs my appetite for a bit but isnt too serious like having a tooth out or something or a mild case of loss of taste or an allergy to chocolate and wine (temporarily). Charlene Sorry about your jeans I'm sure that the stitching was of very poor quality, its the same with the elastic in my knickers it all seems to have stretched past its pinging back point. Your right , ive not got past the 20 weeks yet, I keep forgetting its early days and that it must take the body a while to get used to feeling well again and wondering what we are all doing and yes my skin does look a lot better.

Wise words as well about not going back to your pre smoking weight, last time i stopped I never lost the weight gained. I lost weight through stressful times not through smoking in fact thats why I started again in the first place.:mad:


Hi Shark,

You must have stopped at about the same time as me because I'm at about 4and a half months now.

My story is similar to yours. I was 12 1/2 stone when I quit and slightly under weight. When I quit my apetite went haywire and I was piling pounds on every week despite going to the gym. When after 6 weeks my weight had crashed through the 14 stone barrier and an entire new wardrobe was beckoning on account of stuffed trousers and shirts and man boobs I decided it was time to call a halt. Nothing drastic. I knew I was eating too much for lunch and so I decided that for just 4 days of the working week I would have nothing but a cup-a-soup or some fruit for lunch.

On Friday I can have whatever I want for lunch - which is usually a double egg and bacon baguette!!. It really hasn't been that difficult. I now don't get that tired sleepy feeling in the afternoon and I'm pleased that completely getting out of the habit of eating a substantial lunch everyday will stand me in good stead for the future.

Anyhow my weight came back down to 13 1/2 stone within two weeks and it has stayed static there ever since. At this weight I've still got a bit of extra poundage around the tum but since I really don't push myself at all at the gym it wouldn't take much effort to get to 13 which is probably my ideal weight.

In your case, like mine, whilst quitting smoking you've probably allowed yourself to acquire worse eating habits for a while but it's probably helped you out at times in your quit so don't knock that too much. Now's the time though to celebrate that enormous success whilst setting a new goal to reset your eating pattern and lose a bit of weight.

By the way when people quit smoking long term it is quite usual for early weight gain to eventually settle down to slightly higher than it was a smoker.

Good luck



Hey all - just reading through and can empathise, my weight is creeping up too and I'm not going to the gym, just want to eat etc etc etc

Positive thoughts - its winter!! Which means:

1) We can hide under big baggy clothes


2) Although we can try to be healthy theres absolutely NO point in dieting, its xmas soon and xmas is for eating!!!

So, get your big jumpers out, look forward to xmas, and start preparing for that new years resolution!!

Hey hey - at least this year No1 resolution won't be to quit smoking!!



*here here*

Good call choco x x x x x

Oh and I have ripped the left n right back belt loops in my cords, thats from forcing them over my new enlarged butt :D

I am not a booby girl my weight goes on my arse n tum :o

If I run downstairs for the phone, I get carpet burns on my arse :o


hehehehehehehehehe that made me cry out laughing, what a visual image I had then! sooo funny!!!


:D my dad said it to me once :rolleyes:

Bless him :rolleyes:


The mantra could be "I may be a few pounds overweight, but at least I'm not dead". Besides, as Allen Carr (god rest his soul) says, taking up smoking to control your eating is ridiculous - if you can't control an urge for lard/chocolate/pies, how do you expect to control the most addictive substance known to man. Now that you HAVE stopped, you can turn that on its head, if you can beat nicotine, you can beat lard standing on your head. (Not literally, it runs down your chin!)


*here here*

Good call choco x x x x x

Oh and I have ripped the left n right back belt loops in my cords, thats from forcing them over my new enlarged butt :D

I am not a booby girl my weight goes on my arse n tum :o

If I run downstairs for the phone, I get carpet burns on my arse :o

LMAO!!! Very funny! Wow I can still laugh! :D


ooh Boudee, what tablets are they?

I have thought (yes I am getting quite desperate) about some internet slimming tablets but I guess you dont really know whats in them or what they might do longterm - I dont want to get involved in taking anything speedy obviously.

The tip about lunch is a good one, I usually go to Greggs for a daily pastry and/or doughnut fix (and Im wondering why i'm piling weight on wot a fool am I) so i'll try that.

Ive also got three little bundles of fur, but I just cant seem to get my act together to walk them as often as i should. They are getting lazy and fat too.

I know I should be immensly proud of what Ive acheived (as we all should) i think its the weather or something or stopping taking champix suddenly but I'm on a real low at the moment and it all the effort seems a bit pointless when I feel so miserable.

I need to give myself a good telling off and stick the smile back on my face.



Yeah I agree with u there shark, a few years ago a good friend of mine started taking slimmin pills she got off the net and she ended up addicted to them and had a real problem.

Turned out they had amphetamines in them!!

Bad news.

I got some herbal ones from holland and barrett after I had my second child and they really did work, completely natural, I think they were just called slimming aid, in a white and green box.


i'm hot footing down to Holland and Barratt in about 2 minutes.......... thanks Charlene!


stopping taking champix suddenly

Ahhhh Steveh has been suffering for this reason too, wonder if you should go back on champix and ween yourself off properly, it isn't just about quitting, the drugs affect you in other ways too!

Check Steves thread and consider talking to your doctor about the effects you are feeling x x

~Buffy x x


Am I the only one thats looking forward to weight gain?

Ive only just stopped (day 8 in couple hours yippie :D) but i am really looking forward to eating properly and putting weight back on. I used to have huge appetite before i started smoking and because i was really active the weight i had was more muscle than fat. I understand that many of you arent in the same situation but i think when weight gain gets to much you need to get more active. It may sound slighty patrionising and i apologise if it does but diets wont work for long nor will eating low fat alternatives - most of which are disgusting anyway no matter how much people try to convinvce themseleves otherwise. In fact the only other thing that you can do to keep your weight down is go back to the dreaded weed and none of us REALLY wanna do that.

The reason i posted in this tread at all is because im having real negative thoughts . Not about my quit weight gain etc, but more about alot of the stuff that i have repressed over the years. Things that normal would have me sparking a cigreatte to get that fix that would make me not care. All these situations that are coming to mind are things that made me smoke and smoke hard (although now i realise i just atteched smoking as a be all and end all or cure for them) and i have moments of extreme anger where i plan senarios in my head of what i would do to certain people if i could get away with it or was in a position to do so. Im not a nasty person and this type of negative thinking has only begun to this degree since i quit. I believe it will pass but its scary to think the amount of negativity you suck into you lungs when you smoke those things and how much pours out at first when you quit. I trully think cigerattes are negative to there core and one of reasons they are so hard to quit is that is hard to become more postivte when your used to being so negative and doing negativite things to your body. Another point is its hard to stop smoking when there is no mental straatigie to deal with the thoughts that made you start in the first place and keept you smoking.


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