No Smoking Day

1 Year and 3 weeks and going strong

Hi all

Its been a long while since i visited these forums.

Just popped in to say woot, over a year now, no inclination to smoke, used patched for the first 3 months then nothing, nowadays the smell of smoky clothes is well behind me, I feel better, and at the 2 yearly medical in January that I have to take i had no problems with the 'puffer' it used to take me 2 to 3 goes to get an acceptable result, so there is an indication of increased lung capacity.

Anyway guys, dont weaken, and thanks to all of you who helped me around this time last year, I found these forums a great help when my nerves were jangling and panic attacks kept hitting me :)


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Hi Nakid

1 year 3 weeks thats wonderful well done you



Congratulations!!! I love your post.... I see myself a year from now posting the same type of message :-) Long road still (day 17).... but hey time flies :)


thanks Nakid

its great you popped in..

i find the posts from all of you who are long term non smokers

extremely motivational

thanks again and well done


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