I'm armed, and ready for battle!


Went to the dietition yesterday and she was very pleased with the results. My sugars & blood results are improving. The only thing I got told off about was not always eating an evening meal. My metabolism does not have the power to sustain at a low level if I don't keep eating so will shut off if I don't have an evening meal. I've got to just have a ryvita or something to keep it ticking over in the evening.

I've also been in town this morning and got hold of a copy of Alan Carr's weight loss book. Lets see over the next couple of days if he can talk to me.

It's going to be difficult next week because I am with clients till Thursday and in hotels so finding the right foods will be a challenge. On the plus side I cannot snack whilst I'm with clients either.

Then we are away next weekend to my parents for a football game so I only have Thursday night at home.

I will probably be missing during this time so I'll let you know in a couple of weeks how it's going.


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  • Hi F2Q :D

    What a busy life you lead glad the sietician was pleased and that you are armed I am sure you will win the war

    Love Margxxxxxxx

  • Hey F2Q,

    It must have been great to get that good news from the dietician. There's an old saying about eating - Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dine like a pauper.

    Remember to stay off those pesky cigs whilst you are away doing your various things.


  • I'm Back!


    So has much happened whilst I've been away? I'll have to catch up....

    London was hard work and a fair few triggers were met - post flying, post meeting etc etc.

    I had a really hard day with a client on Monday and really wanted a "reward" when I came out, you know that Thank F thats over...but didn't smoke and didn't cave in to food either.

    On top of that I was watching a football game in the pub Monday night with a freind who lives down there and smokes. I've not seen him since I gave up -but I didn't do anything about it.

    Just going to go and update my signature - my weight is down to 66kg as of Monday - 4kg down, 11kg to go!!

    Take Care everyone


  • Hi F2Q

    Well done for handling Monday so well and for losing 4kg big hug coming your way



  • Thanks Marg,

    Can't beleive how far you've come too. It reminded me - I was at my parents again at the weekend and dropped the Alan Carr book off for my Mum.

    I wish I could support her closely but she lives 280 miles away.

    My sister is also thinking about it. I will convert this family one at a time :cool:

  • Hey Jim,

    My fat busting is working, slowly but agin it's the mental re-alignment I need to sort out, not being hungry.

    You've done well with only a stone. Try doubling that & a bit more - but to be fair I couldn't exercise for the first 3 months quit because I was still ill and that just compounded the problem. I was used to daily exercise.

    Good to see you are still here too.

  • hi F2Q,nice to see you back and doing so well,bet you feel so good at this moment:D,,as marg said,,big hug on its way to you ,,you just keep the faith tony keep:D:D:D

  • Good work F2Q

    Quitting the smokes and attacking the weight, that's some achievement!!

  • Hi F2Q

    Lovely to hear from you hun. Well done for being so strong in all things.HEHExxxxxxx

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