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didnt think i would make it this far


when i gave up on this attempt it was a 'on the day desision', there was no preperation and to tell you the truth there was not much confidence in myself. it was like any other attempt ( destined to fail )no hope just a lie to myself to make myself feel as though im doing something positive in my life. like always the 1 thing which grabs me at the start of my quits is that scary feeling, never to have another toke :eek:. 32 days later and iv done the impossible, overcome all doubt, full confidence and a desire to stay were i am, amazingly i think about them a few times a day when im bored or have nothing else to do but think, what a accomplishment. im showing off a bit but i think thats ok because obviosly all you fine people have crossed the 1 month mark, and must be feeling amazing about your selv's. i would like to know other peoples feelings at this point in time, about there confidense and how they feel about themselfs, i just hope im not getting to ahead of myself.

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Hi Hun

Firstly well done on getting to day 32, that is a great achievement.

When i set out on this quit i never really thought that i would be able to get through 1 day let alone 1 month, i had wrongly perceived it as being to hard for me to do....and as each day went past i got more confident in my quit and thought that maybe i could do it after all.

Now at almost 7 weeks and finding each day an effort to get through but i am determind never to smoke again. I said to a friend to day its very strange the feelings i have at the moment because i would really love to have a smoke but i know i never will and i wont...still miss them though but not prepared to pay to poison my body no more.

Keep it up hun, i bet you are so proud of yourself as i am.




What Denise66 says, 32 days IS an achievement. And, you gotta show off that accomplishment. Every anniversary - 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 50 days, 100 days, each successive month and then 1 year, believe me everybody in my office knew it :D

TBH I really had the shittiest time and at 1 month I was feeling really carp. That was the extent of it up to approx 3 1/2 months. I always knew this was going to be my final quit attempt and it was going to succeed. Thought that it was just 'cos I was adamant.

Eventually after educating myself and making sense of it in my head it became easier and easier. Still had those trigger points: being on holiday and you're allowed to treat yourself....nope not that kind of treat - sheesh, having the flu and feeling exceedingly sorry for myself. But, realising what they were helped to get me past.

You too will get past these issues.

Keep on keepin' on :)


Well done Sourlink

Your doing great and you should be proud of yourself. Your onto month two now your on a roll mate stay strong.xxxx


You have just decribed my feelings to the tee.xxxxx


There you are, great to hear you are still with us, dont know if you read my facebook message to you!

Well SL really pleased you have made it, you have done sooooo great xxx


Well done 32 days is absolutely fantastic and you should be showing off as you put it or as I would put it very proud of yourself

I think at around the 1 month mark was when I finally accepted that yes I could do this and since then I have never doubted that I will

Hang in there


:D i feel loved, tee hee

its nice to have the replys from the people who have been there all along, i might be a few weeks behind but i will alway only just be behind you (being creepy, just realised NO creepy smiley dawn). thanx shabba havent been on FB i a while bet il check just for you ;), thanx cav and linda ur support is always welcome, and thankyou denisse and margareth for always being there for support, cheers xx

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