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7 days feel mixed up!!

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hi all - here goes im feeling more unsettled then ever today for some reason!! butterfly tummy feeling - not really excitement just feel sad.....today i want a fag having a v.weak moment i hope it passes .. i just feel sulky like a 2 year old throwing a tantrum except of course im not throwing a tantrum i am just excepting all my troubles inside..... so thats it really i dont actually feel proud ive done a week .... just feel sulky!!! isnt that awful - hope have a mood change soon xx thanks for listening :confused:

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Hang on in there. I too have sulky days and it's nothing to do with the fags :D

I am soooooooo proud of getting to day 3 so you should be over the moon at getting to a week. Well done you :)

Carol x

hi all

thanks for support caz & chrissie-

i feel a whole lot better at this moment had a good chat with advisor at clinic .. think me going way to head of myself with the quit... i explained that at this point now i was worried to come off them.. she told me not to worry about that for now & that yeah the patch is helping but its me whos making the decision not to buy any cigarettes so well done to me!! she also said that psychologists give a 3month timescale on breaking habits - therefore that is why the quit programme is for 3 months - so the psychological side should be sorted by the time finish the patch altogether - made me feel lot better... she also pointe out that our mind is thinking 24/7 even while sleeping therefore once the thought of cigarettes is just a thought that passes away had quickly has a stupid thought eg"seeing a guy in the street you might think isnt he hot - but you most probably wouldnt go up to him & ask him out" same thing once its just a thought of fags then she said ive cracked it... made sense in a way -still go empty feeling in chest depressed feeling.. but its just a feeling it think although she did mention that maybe i feel like that because im clinging onto a craving & not letting it pass...........food for thought

dont own a air guitar chrissie!!!wot a pity i would love a bit of gnr right now!! usually play games on f.book ...so her i am 1 week on getting a craving right now!!! as soon as i feel ok it grabs me again....think i go a fear thing then thinking back to last monday night when i had last fag! a kind of reminder ........waffling on again, god i can be such a bore lol x

Hello kit kat.

well the feelings and symptoms your having sound very normal indeed.

it does get easier as the days pass!

have you thought about doing some light excercise?

it really helps!




Hi Kitkat - well done on making it to the week, and yes it DOES get easier. I too felt a lot like a child, I can thoroughly recommend screaming into a pillow :)

Well done and keep going!

quite a good mood at the mo

:)nothing spectacular has happened just feel sort of uplifted - not stopped eating, my empty feelings gone a bit less(probably coz im full of food)lol & its dawning on me that i have not smoked for a week!!!

this is a top feeling for the moment - thanks for support feel a lot better that these feelings are normal .. its like a rollercoaster ride of mood swings .......but for now im good......

ha ha ill have to try the screaming in the pillow one jen jam.. glad im not the only sulker in the world caz & im proud of u too coz ure doing the hardest bit the beginning u will be at day 7 before u know it x

light exercise jamie s urm wot like? not really too good at exercise i walk too & back from school twice a day which in total is 1 hour a day approx? does that count lol x no actually i wanted to get into pilates coz have suffered back problems in the past maybe this would be a good time too xx well done us xx

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