breaking my 1 rule

woke up this morning feeling terrible, tired and drained not through quiting (late night). it aint helping much i feel like a smoke, theres no denying it im being pulled from both ways toward smoking and staying quit, i keep saying just 1 maybe, i miss it. i cant really remember why i gave up anymore, and im scared incase i break my 1 rule. has anybody been in this situation and how did they convince themselves to stay to it? not going half an hour without a smoke for 9 years, and now aproaching 3 whole weeks without a single puff is something im really proud off but is it enough to keep me stopped. :confused:

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  • Don't throw away all this time quit, just don't do it.

    Have a read through these articles on relapse prevention

  • Sourlink

    Please don't light up

    You will undo all your hard work

    Read read and read some more,

    Go for a walk, scream, do anything you like but


    Love Margaretxxxxxx

  • Firstly, think about how far you have come... 3 weeks is awesome, you have already beaten the physical addiction.

    I do understand the torment you are going through, but please tell me one thing before you do anything silly.

    Apart from the obvious, that is to end your struggling to make a decision...

    What is that cigarette actually going to do for you? How will it help you?

  • D.B.S.F.S!!!!

    Dont Be So F%$£ing Stupid!!!!!

  • Sourlink don't do it.

    You may "enjoy" the initial hit you get but you'll feel like crap afterwards knowing that all the good work you have done in the past 3 weeks has resulted in nothing.


  • D.B.S.F.S!!!!

    Dont Be So F%$£ing Stupid!!!!!

    Concise, John. Very Concise. Accurate too.

  • Concise, John. Very Concise. Accurate too.

    I try ;) :D

  • Please dont do it sourlink. When i am having a wobbly moment i keep telling myself what are the benefits going to be if i do give in and have a smoke, well there are no benefits just lots of reasons not to do it.

    Stay strong hun, you can do it. You dont want to be controlled all your life do you?? Stay in control and dont have a puff.



  • I have learnt that week 3 can be complete pants because the quit has got easier, and you are starting to forget the reasons you gave up, but still feel the pain of withdrawel.

    Why don't you try and re-focus yourself by writing a list of all the reasons you gave up in the first place? Another thing - go for a walk when you want a puff (and just make sure that there isn't a cigarette shop en-route)

    You WILL do it..... xx

  • Hi sourlink

    i hope you are feeling more positive and stronger today! i have been working alot and just read this thread, i hope you havent sucumbed to the dreadful weed, you will regret and later down the line you will want to stop again!!! and be back on this forum on day 1-you dont want that do you!!?

    you are stronger than this honey-come on you can do this -dont let the nico-demons bite you xxx

  • thanx every1, encouragement and tips well appreciated, i survived another day. i finished half day today and when i got home i sat in a different room with a book and read it all day, the reasones i gave up are still there it just takes a bit longer to dig them up...i really do feel stupid for even thinking about smoking again and kind of embarrised, i have done so well up to now. thanks every1 x

  • Thats great news sourlink well done you-just goes to show how determined and focused you are!!!!:D

  • thanx shabba :)

  • Very well done Sourlink :D

    Temptation, despair, fixation they all conspire to get us back into the nasty habit of feeding our addiction.

    The only way to stay free is to not smoke.

    Read, trade the lies for the truth and understand your enemy - Nicotine - then you will win!

    All the best


  • Well done Sourlink

    So glad you beat the monster he is so sneaky trying so hard to get us back

  • :rolleyes:thanx nic and margareth, every1 is so helpfull. and its a great advantage to know that if i let myself down i let all u guys down to, i know that that will help spare me on

    BRING ON WEEK 4!!!

  • Well done for reaching week 3.

    I am only on day 5 and I know what your going through...........can't wait to be in your position and make 3 weeks. Seems a long way of at the moment though.

    Just wanted to say well done.

    hev x

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