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No Smoking Day
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11 really useful quitting tips

I found these helped me so far:

1. Always remember, you are NOT depriving yourself, you are setting yourself free

2. Remember, that if you encounter a stressful situation, smoking will NOT help you resolve it (cigarettes just trick you into thinking that). Don't forget that 'normal' people also encounter stressful situations everyday, and they don't rely on inhaling poisonous smoke to solve them.

3. If you can, go on holiday for your first week of quitting. I kid you not, this has been the single best thing for getting me through the really difficult first bit. There are 2 reasons why this is a great idea: (a.) you will be away from all your normal day-to-day triggers, and (b.) you can deal with your symptoms in the way you find easiest - sleep all day if that's what it takes!

4. Even though the nicotine disappears from your system after 48 hours, remember that the psychological addiction still has PHYSICAL symptoms for quite a long time (can be a couple of weeks) afterwards, and this took me by surprise. These include dizziness, light-headedness, difficulty concentrating, knot in my stomach, tense muscles. BUT - they do disappear.

5. Don't look for the Big Bang, i.e. everything will be ok after Day 5, because it doesn't work like that. Quitting is a gradual battle which is won in hundreds of small steps. And everyday, the battle gets easier and easier.

6. Do learn relaxation techniques. Despite being legal, cigarattes are nasty little bastards, and will mess with your head to try and get you to smoke again. This will lead to anxiety and even downright anger. So: Breathe in really deeply, hold you breath, and exhale slowly and calmly. Do it whenever the monsters are messing with you.

7. Do lots of research so you understand the quitting process. Quite often, you get to a point where you are thinking 'I am sure this is never goint to get any easier'. Go onto forums or quit sites and read what other people are going through. They are thinking the same thing - it's not just you feeling weak!

8. Keep a diary or write a blog. Make a note of everything related to your battle to quit smoking. It is amazing the difference between a week 1 diary compared to a week 2 diary etc. Whenever you feeling like you aren't getting anywhere, go and read your diary and wow yourself with how far you have come.

9. Wash everything. Clothes, cushions, sofa covers, curtains. Get rid of the horrible residue that cigarettes have left over everything. It is amazing how nice it is walking into the house when everything has been washed, and smells fresh and clean. Plus it gives you something to keep your hands busy!

10. Give yourself a makeover. You are now a new person - a non-smoker. Capitalise on your new glowing complexion, and have a new hairstyle, get a new outfit, book with the dentist to have your teeth whitened, maybe go and have a massage.

11. Replace cigarettes with chewing gum. Oh and chew vigorously (don't know what that works but it does). Always have a packet on you, and whenever you feel the urge, get out the gum.

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Excellent tips - thank you.

Reading these are a real reminder of how to quit successfully.


Thanks very much, dangermousette. These are incredibly useful and I'd agree with them all, for sure! Sig'd \/


That list is a nice way to sum up a huge amount of good advice into one post.

The gum certainly made my life a lot easier for the first few weeks.

Cannot overstate the importance of reading either - get to it folks :D


Really useful - thanks.


No problems......!! I wrote it down before I quitted to give me something to refer to when the nico-demons are trying to get me! If you have anything to add, please let me know


i need u in my life dangermouset, i was feeling a little low until i read ur tips, i like you a lot :D


Hope you are feeling better about stuff now? Those 'down' times are rough.

Glad you like the list - I came up with a load of new tips last night to add to it, but unfortunately I forgot them all because my friends got me drunk. DOH!

You stick with it ok........ xxx


Ha ha! yes it is - how do you know that??????????



Please be reminded of the forum rules

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Many thanks

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Why Chester - I think you have been right royally bollocked!

Shame you aren't free - I have been looking for something to take my mind off the non-smoking :p ;) LOL!!!



The rule includes, but is not limited to, addresses and telephone numbers. It is up to individual members to decide how much personal information they wish share with the forum, irrespective of what else there may be on the internet as well. Much information can be found by searching, and just because it can be found doesn't mean that it is OK to be reproduced here. Also if you wish to use a proxy to hide your previous identity, you should remember to use it ALL THE TIME. Please be aware that your IP has been logged and the evidence passed to NSD to see if they wish to ban you again or give you yet another chance.

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