No Smoking Day


Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all okay. I'm going to try & get on here once a week at least as I miss you all, but I'm at last starting to get social life back.

For three months now I have only had the energy to work, but now I'm working full time again and this week started back at the gym as I felt I would be able to cope with something other than work. I went three times this week, but will increase that to daily next week. I was not able to start up where I left off, but encouragingly was able to run 2km @ 8kmph by Friday. Need to get that back up to 5km @ 10kmph but will take it a bit at a time.

The most noticable difference is my strength in the resistence work - I'm now useless!

Also that is giving me the impetus to tackle the weight and food. Trying to be good, until husband went to supermarket this morning. He's come back with treats saying surely I can have a handful / bit whatever.....he would not dream of offering me a smoke so why does he think I can have one crisp / bite of chocolate without wanting them ALL!!!!! For me it is just the same. NOT ONE CHOCOLATE (in place of not one puff :D)

Oh well got to start looking for a new fridge freezer now online as ours has had it.

Back Later


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Tell me about it, it always takes some weeks to get back into it.

I had some time away from martial arts in November and December due to a back injury and trying to get back training too soon :( then had the flu over Xmas (the proper flu) and I feel pathetic in comparison to what I'm normally like. I reckon it will be 4 weeks before I'm fighting fit again;)


This another 5 star thread, Qiuene19? It should help the Mods pinpointing the appropriate threads. :rolleyes:


Hi Cav

looks like they could be busy tonight removed from the other thread wonder how many more there are and what do these people hope to gain


Have I done something wrong?

This another 5 star thread, Qiuene19? It should help the Mods pinpointing the appropriate threads. :rolleyes:


I've not been on for a while after it all went do-lally a couple of weeks ago. Came as I've been thinking about my 4 months coming up this week & see an old post of mine at the top.


And Cav - not seen you on here recently - are you back? Are you on your bike? Glorious day for it today.....felt very Spring like :D

Anyway - hope I've not been picked out for anything.....


Hey BB


Not doing too bad actually. I've not wandered around the forum yet - but has it by chance calmed down yet?

I just found it so hard to trawl through all the mods threads on the off topic. I did ignore them as I'm not bothered, but just trying to get a word in edgeways for those of us who wanted to was getting really hard - threads were getting lost amongst all the angst.

I don't actually think I need much no smoking help now, but you come through such pain with the help & guidence of these people - you included, I was finding it great to just keep the general chat going.

I'll get a full update thread going later.

Take Care




well done 4 months


Love Margaret


hiya mate , well done in everyway ....catch up later xx



Both BB & F2Q 4 month is fab well done.xxxxx


Hi F2Q

Sorry didn't realise you were on 4 months


and very well done to you



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