No Smoking Day

feeling great !!!!!!

hi all. well just starting week 8 and feeling great. i didnt think i could get this far but yes i did. it is all down to reading reading and more reading. this forum is a great help. i dont post very often but i do read everyday and it really helps. i have sorted out my patches now and decided to complete the program which means iam now on step 2 14 and going to start step 3 soon. this did help me i know its not for everyone but if it stop me smoking then great !!! i hardly think about smoking now but if it crosses my mind then i just say 'no you dont do that anymore'. changing me routine has helped also. good luck to all and lets kick this nasty addiction for good.

xxxx janet

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Well done Janet,

Thats Fab!


Well done Janet

Week 8 thats fab. You go girl.xxxxxxxxxx


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