No Smoking Day

A mixed day

hi guys, the latter stages of day 3. Today started the same as day 2 feeling great and full of myself until about 3pm when i went down a little bit, again its not so much wanting a smoke but more of "this is when i usually have a smoke ".

Had a good talk to myself and got the positive frame of mind going again and at the moment i'm feeling real good.

One thing today has taught me is that 90% of my previous smoking was habit and not cos i needed or wanted one, when i was struggling earlier the inhalator didn't seem to make a difference physically, but when i went out i thought i had left it at home and i had the same feeling from before if i had left my fags at home.

Placebo ????? maybe to me it is, might try it without the capsules.

Anyway thanks again to all of you cos when i struggled i came on here and had a read.

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Hi Billy

Well done on day 3.

What you are going through at the moment is something that everyone seems to have gone through. I found this bit quite difficult but take comfort in the fact that it will become easier with each passing day. You will get stronger and will push the feelings aside until eventually they wont be there at all.

You are doing so well hun, keep posting it will get easier.

Hope tomorrow is a better day for you :)




I tell you Billy - I wouldn't want to go back to those first few days. It is quite tough at times BUT please stick it out - it is all worth it. You don't have to wait long before it becomes a LOT easier. I am on Day 18 and I find it loads easier than I did in the first week - I am so glad I managed to stick it out .

You are doing great - once you are past day 3 the tough times become much less intense!


I know EXACTLY what you mean Billy, I found that by cutting down in the weeks before my quit date, the habitual side of smoking has become the least important part of it. Now there are only a few times when I feel 'this is when I usually have a smoke'. It's the physical cravings I'm now starting to deal with. Do you find that you're using the inhalator at these specific times?

Someone has mentioned recently (or I've seen it in a sig) that nicotine is the world's most widely used placebo. So true!

You're doing great so far mate, remember I'm on the same days as you so I've always got your back!


Hi Billy,

Like you I'm on the inhalator, certainly beats the real deal! IMHO - I'd stick with it mate, a placebo maybe but it really helps. I'm finding that I dont smoke it like I would a ciggie, I tend to leave it in my gob, chew on the end and have the odd suck. For me, not like smoking at all, therefore breaking the hand to mouth side of smoking habits. Plus there's the distinct lack of 4000 other chemicals!

I'm sure once all the accossiated habits of smoking have been broken, this just leaves weening off the nico.

Good Luck :D


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