No Smoking Day

Day 16

Hi :D

day 16 and my coffee tastes Sh one t if i keep it warm for to long in my coffee maker,I know now why my Non smoking girlfriend always said my food had to much pepper in it ? or its to hot ? to salty ? my taste buds are working again.

I am looking forward to cooking tonight and being able to taste the food

for the first time in almost 40 years :D

I think its worth giving up just for that ???????

Apart from the sh one t coffee ?

hope you all are going through this and enjoy it as much as me :D

Is this the norm ???? hows it going for you ? got any good idea's for tea tonight :confused:

Keep the faith


2 Replies

lol hi hun you are doing great.

Quitting the ciggys has definately brought my taste buds back to life, i rarely drink coffee now and never drink tea as they taste so awful, i only really drink water which surprisingly tastes lovely lol

Food does taste lovely now and i find i dont need to add spices like i use to.

Good luck with the tea tonight as to what to cook ermmmm eggs chips beans sausages mushrooms tomatoes sounds nice :)




Oh denise marry me! You're after my heart with talk of food like that!! :p

cfeest, I'm not having my taste improved yet, only a few days in, but definitely something well tasty. Chinese (beef in black bean sauce mmmmm)? A nice pizza jam-packed with toppings? Spag bol and a nice fruity red, Merlot perhaps? Whatever you have, make sure it's a treat! 16 days in and you're starting to reap the benefits!


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