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Money its cold outside ?

Hi quitters :D

The main reason I have given up smoking is because I enjoy typing ????

Naaaaa it has become apparent to me that smoking is a dying trend ?? I have been smoking for 40 years and enjoyed nothing more than walking into the foggy room that we called a telle sales office sitting there and going through 20 fags in 4 hours,you need to have done it to know what I mean ?

now times have changed and I have noticed the number of people I know that don't smoke,that I have become a minority ?

Not that I feel the need to conform to other peoples standards,

but as old age creeps up on me I have noticed that standing outside of a pub or rushing out of the restaurant after a meal to burn money,no longer appeals to me.

What I want to say is the very best luck to you all,and with our combined strength and support we can do it together

Lol C :cool:

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Have you started your quit or setting a date and what methord are you using. you are in a great place for support. We are all here doing the same thing so know what each other is feeling. xxxxxxxx


very well said cfeest16,i dont see the point of standing out side with a white stick stuck in your mouth,frezeing your n..ts of,and saying you have enjoyed that fag ,,.:( i for one will never smoke again no matter what life trowes at me, you said good look to all quiters,,and you all keep the faith tony


Hi C:)

Nice to see you posting:)keep strong and keep posting:)this site really does help.


Welcome cfeest:D

as you rightly say it is no fun standing in the cold for a fag, been there,done that

Linda, Tony and myself started at nearly the same time and everyone helps everyone else on here it's a great place to be as Tony says keep the faith :)


Hey welcome to the forum. There are plenty of January quitters, be it new years resolutions or only recently started, so you're in no way on your own. Stick around for indispensible advice and support. Best of luck!


I got fed up of being a social pariah - stood outside on the pavement having a fag - some of the looks you got you would think you were shooting heroin!! Had enough of it and I could always hear my dear old dad saying that "ladies just did not smoke in the street". Quit 12 days ago and doing OK.


Hi Cfeest,

Good luck with your quit and STAY WARM :D


Hey C it's just only one little advantage of no-smoking. Join us now!:)


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