This is not a ship its a canoe

Day 129:

I awoke this morning with the dreaded "Oh is it that time already" feeling.

Went to the cinema last night and afterwards as I ambled past all the resteraunts, bars and fast food establishments. I couldn't help but notice small groups of smokers standing outside each of these places.

It was chuffin cold and there they were puffing away, cramming all those chemicals into themeselves and freezing their "bell ends" off at the same time.

My only thought was :eek:- thank god that is no longer me, followed by where's my friggin car I'm freezing :cool:

Anyway, I have my paddle and I'm heading up stream, don't know where but as long as its smoke free.

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  • thats the right attitude :) well done

  • Avast, me hearty :)

  • chuck us a dingy im full of cold and too knackered to row so can you tow me please :).

    congrats on quit and for an awesome attitude

    never quit quitting

    jenni x

  • Hey Jimmer - I'm in the canoe right next to you as we quit on the same day :D

    Brewing up a cuppa - want one? Sorry - no bikkies as I've had to chuck those canoe was sinking abit from the gained weight..:mad:

    Well done on getting to Day 129 - what a fantastic achievement!

  • Fellie

    This is where I get to use one of Cav's quotes,

    "Get Knotted" :)

    Not one of his more eloquent phrases but appropriate.

    lash your canoe to mine and have a piece of fruit.

    And of course, well done to you :)

  • if we do a life of Pi canoe, please can i play the zebra.

  • Thats a paddlin'

  • Hilary

    Em didn't they all start eating each other :eek:

  • And Dave, hilaryious - Get it? :D

  • Jimmer...i've noticed quite a lot of cannibalism on this forum so far.

  • AHHHHHHHHHHH well spotted Hilary maybe thats why we all piling on the pounds lol :D

    never quit quitting

    jenni x

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