No Smoking Day

Week 3/4 quandary

As I said before I was at a wedding on Sat and had no probs not smoking, went and stood out with bro in law while he was smoking and thought nothing of it. Had a bit of a hangover on Sunday so I was more than happy to be a non smoker. Monday, Tuesday and today however have seemed like my first 3 days all over again, feels like physical withdrawal is re-occuring and I'm having to constantly remind myself why I don't want to smoke. I reckon I'm thinking about it too much but don't really know how to stop.

There are other things on my mind that are causing me to worry a bit but the fags just keep hassling me. I don't know if I feel like I want one, or if it's just the feeling of something missing.

Anyone else have this problem around this time of their quit?

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Hi They do say its like the threes day three week three month three. At least as you said you dont know if you want one or missing one. So that said it cant really be has bad cos in the first week you are craving the fag/nicotine. If you know what I mean. Stick with it Im sure it will soon go. xxxx


Its not uncommon, you just have to tough it out and get through and the feelings will start subside again.

Don't stress about it, its just how it goes. Stay strong and you'll be fine.


I'm on Day 17 so not quite at week 4 yet but I have really found that I have some days that seem as hard as first few but then again I have longer periods between these days when I feel great. Today I feel as though I have got my head sorted and I can see that smoking is a pointless, unnecessary thing to do.

That said, I'll probably find I'm missing them again by the weekend. I just know I have to hold the thought that I DON'T WANT to smoke!! So I won't.

Neither will you because you don't want to.


Hi John :D

most of us have times like this I had a really bad one about 2 weeks ago but got through with the help of this place as well as my son you just have to keep going onwards and upwards or to put it another way don't let the nicotine monster win


Ello John, you're doing great so far mate, we all have faith in you to not give in to those 'wondering' feelings.

Is there anything you've been doing to distract your mind when you get those thoughts? Your head is obviously in the right place if you can keep reminding yourself why you're doing it, you're keeping that focus!

Don't let the Monkey B'stard grind you down!


Yeah I know I don't want to but I just feel odd. Haven't really been doing anything Chuddy, I'm actually pretty bored at mo, skint as well so can't really do an awful lot, been walking and that but weather over here is pretty grim at mo :mad:


Hi John

Hope things are a little better for you today. thats prob the reson your having a bad time bordom. Been there and I know having no money dont help. hope thing improve soon.xxxxxx


Thanks Linda, I'm feeling okay today, it's not that I feel particularly bad, I just can't sit still, I was one of the people that was just full of energy for the first few days, prepped and painted my hall and kitchen and cleaned windows etc etc. Went back to normal for 2 weeks, now back to feeling mad again!!

Ah well it's better than being tired, smelly and feeling generally nauseous all the time and being heavily charged for the pleasure...


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