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Sup Everyone. Hope everyone is breathing easy! I made it to week three woot woot. Had to have a meeting today with 13 peoples, of which at least 9 smoked just prior... ewwwww gross! Anger is a lot less today which is good... but I am stressing over the most insignificant things. Captain Crunch and Corn Pops cereal is helping a lot. Take care, I will see you all tomorrow.


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  • Hey Vike,

    Welcome to week 3 :D Other Hares here also woot woot :D

    Glad u here cos I tend to do graffiti on the walls and the Mods keep complaining :eek: they do tend to lurk in the corridors. So keep me in order so I don't get in trouble, think I should get my Hare ears permed, what you think???? Need a distraction activity lol :eek:

    Zoe xxxx

  • Well done Vike. Hope you are feeling less angry with your quit now.

  • Way to go Vikester!

  • Well done Viking. Breakfast cereal is a great craving buster but not so good for the waist :D

  • Hey Vike ? How many hours in one day do you consume reading on the subject of quitting smoking ?

    I'm not sure myself but every free moment is taken up by it. I would say about 3 hrs -4hrs.

    Would you say you are obsessed by it ?

  • Hey Vike ? How many hours in one day do you consume reading on the subject of quitting smoking ?

    I'm not sure myself but every free moment is taken up by it. I would say about 3 hrs -4hrs.

    Would you say you are obsessed by it ?

    He can't answer.

    He's in the library...reading about quitting smoking. :D

  • Hey Vike ? How many hours in one day do you consume reading on the subject of quitting smoking ?

    I'm not sure myself but every free moment is taken up by it. I would say about 3 hrs -4hrs.

    Would you say you are obsessed by it ?

    He can't answer.

    He's in the library...reading about quitting smoking. :D

    Lol sounds like me...Well done has zoe had her ears permed yet..xx

  • Rogue, I do spend a good chunk of my day between listening to relaxation/meditation tracks and reading things over and over again about how beneficial quitting smoking is. I won't use obsessed, as I know right now it is necessary. From previous experience (did not smoke march 2008 through fall 2010), I know that if the quit isn't at the top of my mind, I will casually throw a smoke in at some point, and that one will end up back to full fledge smoking. Life Long Addicts R Us. Hopefully the phrase in my signature will be enough to hold me to this for the rest of my life. (Capitilzed letters in the line that makes no sense)... sorry if confusing, but I don't swear if I can avoid it. I also have my reasons for quitting in my phone, and have no plans to delete them this time. Every day for the rest of my life I will have to let myself know that I will not smoke. Small price to pay to live I believe. It doesn't take too long before life as an ex smoker gets easier, and all the the intense feelings and reasons to quit fade away to memories that are not there to protect. It happened to me. Weirdest thing is my last time without smoking wasn't too long ago... but the nicodemon fights to make me forget it even happened. I will continue educationg myself until the demon slows down. Then I will continue to remind myself how bad it got, and why I stopped. Breathe easy.

    Capitan, Ahahahaha.

    Toyah, not sure if zoe permed her ears yet... but I was thinking of dying my fur some random colour or spiking my tail.

    Sidebar... I will be skipping the month 1 room, and staying in this thread for two weeks due to how I named it. I will then go to month 2 hehe.


  • See my view on it is different on it Vike. Of course it doesn't matter which option you prefer as long as we quit.

    You like the idea of keeping it fresh in your mind where as i don't. I've already had a two year quit under my belt before pathetically relapsing. I will use that experience in this quit.

    I would much rather not think about smoking. I want to get to the point in this new quit where days fly by and you actually forget that you did once smoke. I want cigarette smoke to have no effect on me. I want to forget i ever did smoke or remember thinking what it was like.

    I've been there before and really loved it. I personally don't need reminders this time around.

  • Fully understand how you are going about it... Its interesting that forgetting about it was the reason I restarted last time. Here's hoping that we can look back in a decade and notice both our ways worked haha... Almost another day under our belts!


  • That was also my reason for relapsing also. I just wanted to taste a fag and experience it one more time. I didn't enjoy it and so had another one bit later like an idiot That was it "HOOKED" and smoking again.

    It won't happen this time around if i get that far.

  • If? Nah... WHENl! Woot woot

  • Still free from nicotines slavery hold... Coughing up tons of stuff, more like a chest infection than lungs clearing but I don't really feel like I have a cold...

  • Hi vik

    Well done us Hares still going strong yippee!!!:D

    Thats great if you coughing all the crap up.

    My chest feels a bit weird but ok not really coughing, its my throat really sore!!..xx

  • I still have a dry sore throat also. I also grind my teeth non stop if i'm not chewing on something. On top of that i'm sleeping and eating loads. I had my first smoking dream last night. :eek:

  • I have only remembered maybe three dreams in my life, so I doubt I'll have the strangeness of a smoking dream. Eating way too much also, and sleep comes fast and heavy. Halfway through week three, time is moving along quite well. Penthouse slowly moving closer haha.


  • Coughing still. Sometimes dry, sometimes not. Anger is minimal now, every day it seems to get less and less explosive. I am doing relaxation techniques and using a calming herbal spray daily. I am also focusing on breathing when stress seems to build. Education is still key to the resolve for me. I have been reading about bad things to do with smoking all morning. It is helping me fight the "maybe one during vacation, maybe one when OH leaves for a day or two as you will be bored" constant nagging nico continues with constantly. If nico was really my friend, I would have punched him for being so annoying by now. "sprays calming stuff" I am also focusing on smokers, their habits, fixating on how pathetic I looked, etc. This truly is a Good Friday, as I am still breathing easy. Hope all of you are doing well also. Slowly but surely I will add another day to my tally. The Norseman is tired, beaten down, overeating, and sickly, but refuses to go back to his nasty past.


  • Slowly but surely I will add another day to my tally. The Norseman is tired, beaten down, overeating, and sickly, but refuses to go back to his nasty past.


    I can't help but wonder if you're spending too much time thinking (and visualizing) what you don't want, and not enough time thinking (and visualizing) what you do want.

    It's just a thought. You say you are thinking about a cig during vacation, or another when the OH is gone, etc. What about visualizing how GOOD you'll feel when you're on vacation, etc. rather than on a romanticized, false idea of how a cig would feel.

    In any event, you're doing great - keep up the fight. It WILL be easier as time goes on as you know. Hang in there!!!

  • You've hit that on the head pretty good... But those kinds of evil thoughts race through my head quite a bit unfortunately. I have been taking them as what they are, false tricks caused by the addiction in my head. When I get my weight loss regimen going, and start eating better to gain more energy, I will focus on getting ripped and reaping those benefits. Also, In a strange turn of events I have given myself the ok to light a smoke at 85. The plan being that for now I will use that to tell off the triggers and nicotine urges, as I have my next one already planned already. When the intensity of the quit fades away, surely will that plan to smoke at old age with it. I don't suggest this method to anyone else as it would be better to forget about smoking or just to educate oneself, but I believe it will make the triggers more easily dealt with inside my own head for now, as I am a very visual and obsessive person. I'm just a young pup, so that will be 54 years before my next one. No point in raging, craving, or simmering over something that will be there in 54 years time. Best case scenario is I just let the plan fade, worst is that surely half a century plus will have smokes impossible to find haha.


  • Hi Vike, Dgee,

    You are right DGee in what you say and it's so good to hear you have thrown off the chains smking had around you.. Sometimes I think it's just a process that we have to go through before we can truly rid ourselves of every last little thought associated with smoking and then be free. We are still pretty young in our quit .. and we will get there when we're ready.

    have a great .. easter weekend

    poo! I am smelling like a farmyard again after spending the day with the easter lambs... lovely and comical as they are :)

  • Ready for my big trigger smashing this weekend. A couple hour drive up to Easter dinner with the in-laws. I may have to get some extra gum for something to do. At least I can enjoy the drinking after dinner haha. I hope everyone here is doing well, and enjoying the weekend.


  • Look how well we're all doing :D I'm even drinking wine without wanting a cig now :D

    Round of applause for us i'm thinking :) :D


  • Easter was a success, still smoke free... Hope everyone else is doing great! Tomorrow marks the start of week four woot! 2 days in a row without incredible rage, new quit record haha.

    Breathe easy,


  • Well done Viking keep away from Hare...y moments. Jacqui

  • KK, know I'm bad :o

  • mead

    Hi Vike,

    Saw this and for some reason thought of you...

    'It was the accepted practice in Babylon 4,000 years ago that for a month after the wedding, the bride's father would supply his son-in-law with all the mead he could drink. Mead is a honey beer and because their calendar was lunar based, this period was called the honey month, which we know today as the honeymoon.'



  • Kewl info! I heard that Bluetooth is named after a viking king who was known for his communication too... Today is terrible. Full blown flu, aches, etc. I hope that my immune system comes around at some point. I'm not going to work and staying under the covers for a few days. Not smoking, in fact I'm blaming it for my being sick into my third month now. Breathe easy everyone...


  • Did some reading on the honeymoon thing, found that there are a few possibilities for the origin...

    Version 1.

    The most popular version, and the easiest to understand, is that Parents of the married couple were to supply a month’s honey wine (mead) for consumption by the married couple (Honey and moon, a month). Some sources maintain it was as much as they could drink, others say it was a glass each per day. Why? Most popular reference states the mead was there to increase the libido and fertility of the couple.

    Version 2

    Another version is that the name originates from the Norse word “hjunottsmanathr” meaning to kidnap. What would happen is that the future groom would abduct a lady from a neighboring village and they would hide away for a period of time. Her safety was assured , and she was returned either when the prospective brides parents stopped looking for her, or after conception had taken place, which would be known after a month.

    Version 3

    This one is often quoted, a passage from Richard Huloet’s Abecedarium Anglico Latinum stating that a honeymoon “ was a sardonic reference to the inevitable waning of love like a phase of the moon”.


  • Hi vike, glad to see you still Here, hopefully smoke free:)

  • Yep, smoke free norseman! Haha. Flu sucks thoughz


  • I'll go for version 1 .. mead on the house - as much as you can drink hic!

    version 3 is a bit cynical .. am sure the romance would last at least 2 moons (did I say that?)

    A wee hot toddy might be good for your cold .. er flu .. whisky, hot water and a half spoon of honey .. medicinal reasons of course!

  • Hehe, two moons would be much better than one of course, especially if it was combined with all the honey mead one could drink... Now that's a great honeymoon! May have to try that hot toddy Dr. Suze, as complaining under the covers has done nothing so far. Catching up on a bunch of unwatched movies though, and the time keeps adding to my quit too! I think I will create a 3 day or so thread after day 28 in the month one purgatory room, before opening up the first month long room in month two.. Then at least I will have stopped in every room haha... Hope everyone is doing great, breathing easy, and avoiding the flu arrgh.. I'm getting stoked to start working on getting ripped when this is over with... Gonna make the gods jealous with my clean lungs and poppin physique rofl. Cheers,


  • Not sure if good news, but its not the flu, just another case of bronchitis... so the initial hit must have mutated or recaught. Yippee. Fighting it with a new set of antibiotics and rest.


  • Poor you! Sounds a bit back to front but maybe it's your body's way of healing itself. Lots of rest and remember those hot toddies x

  • I'm soon going to be searching for a new body if this becomes a normal occurence. I'm not one to call in to work, but not being able to breathe gives me no choice. Being sick is filling my head with depressing thoughts, and not being able to get out of bed doesn't get me away from them. I am looking towards the future, a future with improved lung function, less infections and more energy. Hope is still strong inside me. Things will turn around soon enough, just have to keep away from old nasty gross stinky habits. I don't like the old smoking me... He was a coward, a liar, a stinker, a loner, and didn't care if I lived or died. The new me is going to be a much better person. Breathe easy everyone,


  • Copied from a thread nearby:

    Congrats! I am so stoked to get to the pooint where life just continues through the milestones! Have a grat day,


    Milestones are fantastic to notch up. No less are the milestones of ill health to get by and notch up as successes also.

    Hope you're feeling better today :)


  • Haha, leave it up to you Cav to quote my misspelled phone post before I can get to it and fix the mistakes. Today is a relatively good day on the no smoking front. Rage has all but gone away and now I am laughing at how crazy I actually became in my head for a few weeks. The quit is still heavy on my mind, but I am ok with that as it keeps me from listening to any trapping thoughts. Still educating myself, still pumped to have this a full life commitment. Being smug about other people still smoking is still helping a lot. It is like watching a nature channel documentary on crazy people. My breathing is a bit better today compared to yesterday, but bronchitis still has a tight hold, and feel like I am breathing through a straw. It hurts a lot to breathe also. I can't wait till I can exercise! I am going with an earlier post idea that this is my bodys screwed up way of cleaning itself out. I am not speaking to people aobut being quit unless they ask. Had a strange thing happen yesterday night, while test driving sports cars for my father... told the dealer that he needs to clean the car out and shampoo it etc. before we'd ever make an offer as it was a smokers car... I knew from the smell of the air in the vents haha. Never would have been able to do that before! Super smell for the win! Going to a horror film showing tonight with a non smoking friend, should be fun with a few drinks prior to the film too. Tuesday makes 4 weeks done... then a few days and I will post in the month 2 room. I have no worries about my making it there... may just skip month 1 room totally haha. Bring on the healthy happy Norseman! Good luck to those just starting, it is quite the bumpy road, but the horizon looks beautiful! Congrats on everyone who said no to smoking today. Keep strong, breathe easy,


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