No Smoking Day

what you could save

what you could save when you quit smoking

1day =£4.80

1 week=£33,60

1 mount=£146.00

3 months=£438.00

6 months=£876.00

1 year£1,752

now girls what could you get for that kind of dosh,,,new wardrobe,, a holiday,just to name a few,my self, well it would be more fishing gear,,and on top off all that you will have a new lease of life,,free 0f smoking that little white stick,,you also get,your sense of taste and smell back,,,.blood levels and pulse back to normal,,breathing and energy levels increase,,the list goes on and on.......just some thing to think lot just keep the faith

all the best tony

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thats well cool ! im so gonna buy a new pair of expensive shoes and then show this to my husband when he goes mad :D


Thanks Tony - it was one of my main reasons for quitting - I simply can't afford to!

I work out every day how much I have saved, so far it is just over £40 - it's crazy isn't it? I have spent the last year selling things on ebay and in car boot sales and thinking I'd done well if I made £20. Yet in a couple of weeks of not smoking I have already made £40!

I used to kid myself that it wasn't the money as I would probably spend it on something else but as we all know - it was just a lame excuse!


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