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made it to day 4


after a day like yesterday im quiet happy with myself, it was the derby and every1 was drinking and smoking, being the only evertonian in the room made me quiet nervouse and the booze didnt help, i was really craving for a smoke, but i made it through and im proud of that, it seems as though today is going to be a breeze compared to yesterday. this is about my 7th attemp of giving up and i feel my will power is better than ever. i have noticed also that my taste buds are better and im not thinking about the fags as much as i would have a few attempts back. i have confidence this time to succeed and i am going to make a really good go at it.

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It takes nerves of steel to be an Everton fan, so giving up cancer sticks should be easy !! HA ! HA !:)


Good job Tim Cahill :p But even better job sourlink for not caving to the crave!

Those benefits (improved taste) will get greater and greater the further into your quit you get. Good to see you have the confidence this time around, you can do it.

Edit: BibleBlack, I didn't see your post before I started writing mine. I wasn't having a dig! Just glad that neither team won...

Hi Sourlink

Well done on getting through that difficult situation without having to resort to a ciggy.

I think you are doing great, keep it up :)



Hahaha! If Rafa can give up on his strikers then I'm sure I can give up my ciggies.

Well done for keeping off the ciggies sourlink, especially in that kinda environment - see you again on Sunday eh!

big day

looking forward to it fishty cuffs we wont go so easy on u next time x p.s thanks to every1 for supporting me

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