No Smoking Day

good week end

hi all..having been on much over the week end,,was having a good time,wow, lots of drink,and would you belive i felted so good,,,,another wow,, the funnist thing was i watched all the smokers go out side in all that rain and winds,freazing there n..ts off,and to think we all used to do that grrrrr,,well i did feel sorry for them,,.one of my daugthers said she is packing up today,,i wait with baited breath,fingers crossed and every thing self i am 2 days off 10 weeks,another wow...and how good is that,,i said it before and say it again,,this fourm was my meny here to give help and advice..all newbies take note of my progess,i smoked 30 plus a day,i smoked since i was 6 or 7,,i am 64 now,,so if i can do it i,,i now you can,,you just have to keep the faith,,,,belive in your self and be strong,,the golden rule you smoke or not the crave will go..ops gone off of one again,sorry, KEEP THE FAITH TONY

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2 days off 10 weeks,another wow...

Good on you Tony, its good to see you keeping the faith and almost into double figures on the week front.

So glad for you.



Well done Tony

Thats fab going almost 10 weeks well done mate. Give your daughter my best wishes. xxxxxxx


..ops gone off of one again,sorry,

No worries mate, I'm used to it by now! Massive kudos for reaching 10 weeks, especially seeing as you've been smoking for most of your life. Over half a century on 30 a day is one hell of a habit to break. I really, honestly, hope you can stick at it. You are keeping the faith, like you always say!

Your daughter is lucky to have you there to help her along, you're going to be invaluable to her, like you're invaluable to us lot. Wish her luck from me.


Wow!! Well done Tony:) you have sounded so positive and confident all the time i have been around. Seems like you really do have this no smoking whipped.

You are obviously a good inspiration to your children, wish you daughter well in her quit :) Let us know how she gets on Tony




Tony - you have been a real inspiration to me. I hope you can be for your daughter. If you can break the habit - anyone can. You have done so well. You're a star.


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