Day 47 - spa here I come

Hi all

I hope you are all doing well and keeping up your great work.

I don't have a huge amount to report but thought I should check in with you all. It is all going well and no blips at the moment but I don't like to speak too soon!

Also, I am off for a day at the spa tomorrow for a treat which will be lovely.

Keep strong everyone.

Hel xxx

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  • Well done on getting to 47 days, enjoy your day at the spa bet it will be great.


  • Hi Hel :D

    Almost a 1/2 Century for you that's great

    Enjoy you day at the Spa hun


    Marg xx

  • ooooooooooo jealose

    enjoy Hun...and well done xx

  • I take it you mean :

    And not :

    Although I absolutely love "SPAR Brau" beers.....

    Good for you Hel! ;)

  • Well done hel, keep it up:) munter_ST i like that, funny:D.

  • Thanks

    Hi all

    Have not been near a PC for a little while so I have only just seen all of your responses!

    Thanks for your support and very funny about the spa/spar! It was definitely not the shop!

    Still going strong and hope you all are as well. I am off to have a little read of the forum and see what you have all been up too!

    Love Hel x :)

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