I'm Moving on


Just popping in to say I've made it to three calendar months.

Had a bit of a stressful week trying to now get the food addictions under control.

I'm around less and less now but it doesn't mean I've caved in. Thank you to everyone who got me this far I cannot begin to measure how much it has helped.

The best news? Visiting my parents this weekend my Mum quietly said to me - "I'm thinking of quiting". The best news ever and I know everything I have learned on here will be taken to her to help her too. Perhaps next Christmas there will be at least 2 non-smokers in the house :)

Anyway take care - I'm off to put my first post in the next folder


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  • good luck for the future!! come back soon (and not with a new day count!) :)


  • Hi F2q

    Congrats hun dont know how I missed this. Three months is great work. Dont be a stranger your missed. Tell your mum its a great move and good luck. By the way my friends mum is still quit and is feeling a lot better.xxxxx

  • That's great news about your Mum considering quitting, she's lucky to have you to guide her through it should she decide to go for it.

    Even better news about making it to 3 months. Think how quickly that will double into 6 months! Keep the faith.

  • Really sorry I missed this thread, but a big congratulations on 3 months.

    Very well done... just keep doing what your doing cos it's working.

  • Three months today too

    Didnt seem worth posting a new thread but i reached 3 calendar months today also and i fancy writing it down somewhere. I am so much healthier and enjoy my food so much more.

    I do miss cigarettes occassionallly (mentaly) but never ever physically and know well ill never go back ...

    3 months hooraay - i think ill get some champagne on the way home today .......

  • well done to you both.3 months wow.,im 2 weeks off 3 months,cant wait,,so i know how pleased you both must feel,,keep the faith tony

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