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How much longer do i have to fight for?


Ive been craving fags again non stop since the middle of last week and i honestly dont know how much i can keep fighting it for, its really overwhelming :( I thought id gotten over the worst of it but its like its flared up again and i cant stop it or get past it,....... Help me please, i do t want to be bqck to day one but i cant keep craving like this xxxx

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This will pass, I promise you, it really will. Were you craving much before last week?

Not going to lie, I think it's a life-long battle. It certainly feels that way for myself. It's a matter of choice between cigs and a healthy smoke-free life. I'm choosing the latter.

The fight does get easier though! The first couple of months I was a dragon - I hated everyone, everything and the world. I felt like life wasn't complete without cigarettes. Right now, I'm in a good place. I do get the odd nag and often get jealous of smokers thinking to myself 'why can they smoke, but I can't?!', but it's not longer a struggle. Craves become more of a longing feeling, like for an ex that there's no going back to.

Stay strong, it will get better - trust me. :)

I've never seen it as a life long thing, I don't miss it now after 21 months in any way, shape or form, wouldn't smoke now even if I was allowed to, if you know what I mean. Each to their own I guess, a friend of mine said similar to you Lewis so it's different for everyone I guess.

Nope, i was almost forgetting i ever even smoked and then moving house has stressed me out and it wont shift :/ The cravings feel as strong as when i first quit, i hope ur right about them passing soon xxx

Hold on

Had to log on, this will pass, it's just a test mr NICO. Hold tight he will give in, I promis,

Keep going my lovely, this will pass, have a bath, scream, cry , chocolate, whatever this is part of quitting, give your self time, these emotions will get less and less I promis.

Thanks for posting , it means you want to keep quit hope you keep going I know it's hard, but please just get past to day.

The sun is shingling tomorrow,:):)

I've never seen it as a life long thing, I don't miss it now after 21 months in any way, shape or form, wouldn't smoke now even if I was allowed to, if you know what I mean. Each to their own I guess, a friend of mine said similar to you Lewis so it's different for everyone I guess.

Yeah, I agree. Each quitters journey is a different one. OP, don't let what I said scare you, you may have a similar quit to AngryBear. I have a very addictive personality and always want what I can't or shouldn't have. :D

Plus, I still haven't reached 6 months, so I may still get to that point where I will no longer fancy a cig.

Win, you are at around the same time as me quit and to be honest I know what you mean, I have posted in the last few days how rotten I felt, I really really thought I was going to say stuff it and go and buy some, but yesterday I started to feel a bit better and today I feel better still, the cloud of last week is lifting again, it's such an odd feeling to sail through feeling great and then it hits you like a truck again.... My bad time lasted about a week, hopefully yours won't be as long, it will go, promise xxx

First things first WB, one huge Cornish cuddle from the Kernow Kat! So sorry you're back in the ring again hon, it really is foul! If I could take on this round for you, then I would, truly I would.

I don't know whether it's the 3 month thing that I've seen people talk about, the move (which as we all know is one of THE most stressful things we go through in life) or now's simply the time that you go through this but the only thing I can say is THIS WILL END! I know it doesn't feel like that right now and you just desperately want it to be over and I can't wave a magic wand to make it disappear, nor look in a crystal ball and give you an end date with the specific hour and minute to give you something to work towards. I can only promise you, hand on heart, that this will NOT last forever!

My huge crisis happened around the same time actually and I was so totally desperate that I went on line and ordered another two books to see if perhaps another approach by another author would "fix" the bit of my head that obviously hadn't got it sussed. By the time they arrived (so probably 5 to 7 days later I guess?) I didn't need them! They have remained unread and on the shelf. What happened in between? I have NO clue! All I know is that I dug my heels in, continued to deny those craves airtime in my head, did anything and everything I could think of to keep me occupied and distracted and all of a sudden I realised I was out the other side!

Hang in there WB, this could well be the evil smoking monster's final, desperate, last ditch onslaught to get you back under his smelly yellow thumb! This could be his last, all out, all guns blazing, throwing everything he has at you, trying to capitalise on your recent stressful move underhanded ambush, where he puts forth every last bit of his strength in a pathetic and pitiful attempt to regain the upper hand. Stand firm, don't let him whisper his stinky nothings in your ear, boot him into next week for having the temerity to try and claw you back after all this time, CRUSH HIM petal, grind him under your heel and then leave him in the dust as you walk on into your new life in your new home that will NEVER stink of fags!:cool:

I love you, you have an amazing way with words and you never fail to make me see sense and feel better xxx Thankyou all in fact.... I just put together my bathroom cabinet and i forgot again, its still there but its eased.

I can get through this and I will get through this...... I am NEVER going back to day one no matter how hard it gets, ive come too far now xxx

Thank you all again so much, I would be lost without all your support and let's hope this is the final attempt from the nico beast xxxx

I expect it's the stress of moving which has brought the craves back and I bet it is just temporary! Why not line yourself up a whole load of treats so that you have lots of nice things to look forward to......filling your mind with thoughts of all those lovely things might well push the thoughts of fags away. Just an idea, but it might help. :)



Hi there winbig. Firstly I definitely don't see it as a lifelong battle for me personally. I am never going back to day one and nor will you. I got a great piece of advice recently about beating triggers. Not in the same league I know as moving house but I got through a beach holiday smoke free recently. The advice I got was I faced up to that smoke trigger and my brain now tells me I won't smoke again on holiday. You faced down a stressful situation smoke free and so your brain will now tell you that can can face stress smoke free. Keep going. You haven't smoked since last year and doing brilliantly!!

Thank you :) Im feeling a lot more positive today, stupid cravings, why would anyone want to be trapped by nicobeast, life is so much easier not smoking and ive never been so healthy sonce quitting xxxxxx

SO glad you're feeling better this morning, Win. :)

Doesn't matter how long we've been quit, there will still be those moments when nic lobs a curved ball at us. The main thing is that you dealt with it with aplomb (told him where he could stuff it :D) and now you can put it behind you and move on into the lovely sunshine.

Well done, and congratulations too on your house move. :)

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