No Smoking Day


Hi all,

First time poster / quiter.

On 7th day of first quit and have been reading the site, finding it very inspirational, since day 1.

I've smoked for 25yrs 10-15 a day and am 40 next month.

Being getting all the usual side effects of the quit but another I've had which has worried the hell out of me is coughing up blood on a morning:eek:

Been to the G.P. and was told not to worry as I've been coughing hard which had probably caused it and tbh after it happened the first time I've been making myself cough to see if there's any there. I even went over to A&E and had them do a chest x ray which the doctor on duty said appeared to be OK but I'll be back to the G.P. next week for the full result, I also had a chest x-ray last April that was clear.

To compound all this I've suffer from panic and anxiety disorder for the past ten years and the anxiety monkey is also well and truly on my back at the mo' :(

Apologies for first post being a bit of a whinge but would appreciate any experiance / advice on the coughing up blood bit,

Thanks in advance:)

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Sorry, I cant help with your problem but can I offer you a warm welcome to the forum non the less.

Best wishes



Hi Tim

Wellldone on your quit and a huge welcome to the forums.

I have no experience of coughing up blood but i can imagine that the blood could be connected with the hard coughing. You have had chest xrays which have come back clear, so try not to worry to much hun. If you are at all worried then you must go back and see your GP hun.

Everyone of us have found we have developed a cough after quitting, this is due to our lungs clearing them selves of all the muck that has built up there.

You have done the right thing by quitting, all i can say is if you are having an anxiety attack and it helps to post hun then do so. I have suffered with them in the past, i think it was around day 5 that it happened again, but i was able to get that under control and not had one since.

Post often to let us know how you are doing :) Oh and you are welcome to join the Monkey Bar Stewards, we are the group of Jan 09 quitters.




hi tim

welcome to the forum well done for quitting sorry i can't help with your problem but i bet someone on here can :D


Thanks for the replies so far guys:)

As an aside I've now made it to day 7 with no fags + the added bonus of getting through Friday and Saturday night without one!

Only wish I done this years ago, but I guess there's quite a few of us thinking that.


Welcome Tim

Very well done the first week over never to be seen again. things should start to be a lot easyer now. Keep up the good work. xxxxxxxxxx


Hi Tim,

I too suffer from panic/anxiety attacks before I stopped smoking. I'm on day 7 and today I am really suffering. I don't know if it's my sub-concious anxiety from quitting is making me feel really very anxious and quite ill. Am having to resort to using olbas oil to try and relax my breathing and calm myself down. God I hope this passes before I get myself so worked up a full blown panic attack comes. It would be great to hear how you are getting on and if you have any tricks for those pesky attacks.


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