any body awake

last few nights i found it hard to sleep,i think thats the first time it has efected me sleeping,,so now i am wide awake..aaaaaaaaaaaaa,,any one else awake,,wife just gone to bed,she will be a sleep with in 12 mins,.any one getting addicked to the fourm.. EXCUSE THE SPELLING,,.once i get on here i fine it hard to get off,,helps me a lot ..its nice to here about how other people are getting on in there quit..some off you are on your 1st day,,and i remember i was there once,..and now i am just 9 weeks in to my quit,, you can be there to if you have lots of faith,,A CRAVE WILL GO WEATHER YOU SMOKE OR NOT..wife is calling to me to come to bed....o got this headache it just came on very sudden ha ha ha ,,you lot keep the faith all the best tony..night night

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  • I hear you mate its my first day and my body knows that i am up to something and wont let me sleep.Ive had this everytime ive tried to quit but i dont care ive just been thinking of what i am going to but myself with the money i will save.

  • well done stev,,i know it seems hard at the mo,,but it will get ease as time goes on..take it one hour,,one day .a week,,and you see how time to bed ,hope i can sleep,,just keep the faith tony

  • i cant sleep either-dont think its the stopping smoking thing though, just wide a bloody wake!!!!:o

  • shabba..try counting sheep...1 2 3 4 5 snore snore zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Hope you all got a little shut eye in the end.xxxxxx

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