No Smoking Day
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I'm on day 4!!!!!

Wow, feeling a teeny bit proud! On day 4 CT, the electric cigarette arrived yesterday but it seemed silly to start on NRT when I was on day 3 without it, does it seem wierd though that I was more tempted by the electric cigarette than a real one!! Something strange in the sub-concious with that one! I spent a long time looking at it! Yesterday was awful, :mad: read your post *Joanne* and truly felt for you, I was the same, hope you've been ok, today is a better day, how's everyone else feeling today?;)

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Well done on getting to day 4, you should be feeling proud.

As you say seems pointless re-introducing nicotine into the system now!!

Give the E-cig to someone else and get on with being a recovering nicotine addict (which is what we all are BTW)

All the best



Well done you Day 4 thats really great.xxxxx


Huge well done on day 4 :) Keep it going you are doing great.




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