make a fresh start

a healthier body..some thing to think about

after just 20 minutes

your blood pressure and pulse return to normal


nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in your blood are halfed


CARBON MONOXID WILL BE ELIMINATED FROM YOUR BODY.. AND YOUR LUNGS will have started to clear out the tar thats been clogging them up


no nicotine left in your body..your senses of smell are greatly improved


your breathing becomes easier and your energy levels increase

2-12 weeks

your circulation improves and exercise can be easier

3-9 months

any coughs..wheezing and breathing problems improve

this is something i keep with got me through to the 72 hours..and .well the rest is history...hope it might help some of the all keep the faith all the best tony

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  • Thanks Tony :) That is just the kind of thing i need to spur me on. I'm currently at the nicotine leaving my body, that alone is enough to keep me going.

    Thanks again :)

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