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No Smoking Day
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have you over spent

have any of you lot over spent this year..me and the wife said that this year we would not over spend..but what happens...its o we need this and we need that...before long we have gone over the top...but what the hell its christmas..it comes but once a year..so enjoy.. nice to see the joy on the faces of the kids..i say kids mine are all married with kids..but to me and the wife,,they are still kids to us..love them all..happy xmas and smoke free xmas..all the best tony sorry got carried away keep ths faith tony

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By a lot.

Don't care though. It's Christmas, and just once a year money is no object.

Christmas is what credit cards are for! :D


No,My Husband would go bonkers!!lol as hes a financial advisor!(or Was,Hes now retired)

Im very good these days,I dont buy unless I need and I pay off my credit card every month.

I only but gifts for the Grandchildren and my mother,My husband and I buy each other tokens nothing more,I prefer to give to my local animal shelter.



well at least with all the overspending there is 1 bill we dont worry about.

the bill of smoking !!!!!

finding a fiver a day for smokes.

merry xmas everyone XXXXXXX



I literally havent spent a penny :) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Iraq :)


Happy New year Liam. thinking of you. Linda xxxxx


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