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Anyone else had flu?

Just recovering from a particularly nasty bout of the flu which left me completely bedridden for most of last week.

Still feel a bit woozy and chesty-not been this ill for a long, long time but will hopefully be feeling much better for Christmas. Strange that I should catch this after stopping smoking-I thought being a smoker increased your chances of catching flu, not the other way round?

One thing that did occur to me, maybe the fact that cigarette smoke is so toxic, it actually kills any germs lurking in your respiratory system (as well as doing untold damage to your body), hence the reason why I was rarely ill as a smoker?

Be interested to hear some other views on this, and commiserations and best wishes to anyone else suffering the same.

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This explains it pretty well ;)


Glad you're feeling better!


Feel like I've got it at the moment grrrr!


i seam to have missed the flu this year..had no bad side effects..from not smoking..just a few physical battles with my self..but they go away..keep the faith tony


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