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Day 15 and finding it hard !!!!!


Iam new so not sure what to do.

Iam on day 15 with patches and having a bad craving day.

I just think why am i doing this, my mind is saying you are missing the smoking, you enjoyed smoking. I have to keep telling myself that i dont want to smoke, that i dont do that anymore.

I have a bad cough/runny nose. hope this dont last too long.:eek:

Each night i read all of your experiences and i can see how well you all are doing. Well Done

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hi janet41, you just hang in there, a crave will go weather you smoke or before you put that fag in your mouth, think of the last 15 days you have stoped,,you dont went to go through all that again,,look at the thread i done on flash cards,, all the info you went is there,,just take time to read i say keep the faith tony P,S, dont give up on given up,,have a smoke free xmas..good look

Hi Janet

Welcome on board and congrats on your quit so far you are doing really well. please dont give in now you are over the worse I bet tomorrow you wont feel half as bad. come and join us and we can give you support. look fprward to getting to know you. xxxxxxxxxx

There are 2 rules I try to remember...

1) Smoking does not make ANY situation better. The situation will not change, but you have smoked.

2) A crave will go away on it's own. Always. No matter how bad it is. Which makes smoking a waste of time and money.

I always found that confronting the crave in some way made it shorter. I used to write down how I felt and actually think about it. Once confronted for what it was (just an empty, slightly hungry feeling of "I want a cigarette") I was able to get it over with quicker.

Hang in there, it does get easier - I promise :D

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