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Smoking Doesn't Just Cause Cancer You Know

I have spoken to quite a number of people regarding the effects of smoking, and its suprising that a lot of people still have a limited awareness of what smoking can do. I recently spoke to someone that not only thought that smoking could just cause cancer but thought that you had to smoke for many years to cause the cancer. Well the truth is far, far from that.

I lost half a lung at 18 years old having only smoked for just about 2 years. There are many many things that smoking can cause. Don't think that one more won't hurt, becuase trust me it can. I went to quit and didn't, thought when I hit 19 I will stop. Problem was I don't even remember having a 19th birthday as I was in ICU at the moment. So anyone looking for help to stop, please feel free to contact me.

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blimey what a story. are you fully recovered now? how old are you now and also i assume u are now stopped?



Hey it wasn't cancer. I am fully ok now apart from unable to fly above certain hights or go diving, and any holiday I take the insuarance is about double the cost of the holiday. I am now 24. How old are you guys?


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