No Smoking Day
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Holy Moly

Jeso this is a pain... left work in a horrendous mood, really snapping at the smallest things. If I hadn't left my wallet at home I might have caved. Its for this very reason that I left it at home in the first place so I am really pleased that I did. It would probally be wise for me to do this in the early days until my resolve is stronger.

Anyway, feeling better now that I am home so I will be okay now and shall look forward to the challenge of Day 3 tomorrow.

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Hang on in there, it will get better!!

Best wishes



hi blue,be strong you can do it,im on my 7day and its not to bad,you will find if you get all the right info,you will se all the reasons whyyou must not quit, the craveing you get will go weather you smok or not,so why give in ,witch meens you have to start all over again,youe in day 3,just take it one day at i time,then its day 4,day 5 and so on, keep the faith all the best tonyx:)


Hi Blue

Trust me and others it gets easier, the first few weeks have different effects on different people - boy you should read some of my earlier threads if you want to witness MOOOODDDSSS. But it will surpass and throw something else at ya, but it's achievable, keep strong and read lots and drink lots. And always remember to post on here were here to help.


Blue just ahead of you, can confirm each day gets better. You will have those pesky craves, but try to use them rather than ignore them. Each crave you get reminds you that are moving towards freedom!


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