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6 Months? Holy Cow!!!!!

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Just a post on my new laptop to celebrate hitting my 6 month mark. SWEET!!! I like a lot of us am amazed I've made it so far, one day I had a thought..... why not try it again. As I look back I'm not sure if I really meant it. I wanted to but some where in the back of my mind I'm sure I was thinking I'll do my best and if I don't make it at least I tried. I then found this site and at some point my attitude changed. I don't know when and like I said I was trying and expected to fail. Something about communicating with people in the same situation as you really helps, not some doctor being paid to listen or a friend trying to help but a real person that knows your pain and what you are going through. I'm just very happy to be here and very happy to have friends and people that understand here. It gives me the edge I need to keep this stuff up.

Thanks guys

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Well done Twiste!!

Like you I find this site invaluable for help & support. You never feel alone because you aren't!!!

Hope you celebrate in style :D

Gaynor xx

Holy Cow indeed!

So as well as the lap top are you still planning a huge night out? Tell all, I need to know.

You should be very, very proud, I am so glad this place has helped, even though you tend to be around when we are all in bed!

So here's to the next 6 months I'll race ya to that hot tub in the Penthouse.

Hi Thomas :D


1/2 way to the penthouse that's fantastic well done you

Love and a Hug

Marg xx

Was this new laptop bought with your savings from stopping smoking? seems a great treat to me if it is and well worth the investment.

Whats lovely about your post though is how you've turned around your way of thinking re: quitting, going from doubt to confidence and determination. You are right about the support on a forum helping alot, its always great to be among folk doing the same thing as yourself and also that they just understand.

Its helped me i reckon this time around, i was confident and determined anyway, but the forum i think just cemented it all.

Well done you!!!!!!!!!

Well done you, half a year is brilliant, wishing you many more.



Big congratulations - 6 months - I'm a day or two behind you.

So good to see your post as well- as I remember the diffcult times you had.

I said it before - and I'll say it again - Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!!

CONGRATULATIONS, Thomas, SIX MONTHS FREE!!!!! Keep going strong! Jody

Thanks again guys,

Bev- Have not done the night out yet, still plan to just haven't had the right opportunity.

Jase-nope not with the savings LOL. Saw a good deal on new egg with no interest for for 12 months on NewEgg. Decided to use the excuse that I deserved it fir making it 6 months so here I am LOL.

Marg- You must have a room full of those graphic's just waiting to get put up. Thanks hun.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words. To the new people..... you can do it. DO IT!!!

Good Job Thomas

Hi Thomas ....just read your post .:D

Well done on reaching 6 months since quitting the cigs . it really is a great milestone halfway to the penthouse ....the rest is downhill from here .Keep the posts coming , hope the weather is better in Nawleans than it is in the U.K .

Regards Trev

20 a day for 30 years :eek:...Dayum !

3 months patches

7 months C.T :cool:

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