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No Smoking Day
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Still feel like I have smoked

Helo all,

Just wanted to share with people a strange feeling I have had recently, It is a feeling that I have at some point smoked over my quit, I know i havn't but sometimes i fel like i have cheated and had the odd ciggarette even though i havn't, wierd had anyone else had this??

And on a different note there was a guy smoking a cigar at work yesturday it was sooo revolting, he looked all wrinkled and yellow aswell and STANK I actually felt quite sorry for the guy, whereas he seemed to thik he was pretty cool..


LOve to all.



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It may be a subconscious desire to give up on your quit. By having feelings that you have cheated might make not such a big deal if you gave in. I have had similar in a "smoking" dream.

Of course the fact of the matter is that you haven't cheated and your concious mind knows it, but equally be aware and never let you're guard down.

Cigars stink worse than cigs. On previous quits, I often started back on "Cafe Cream" cigars (apparently they didn't count as smoking:confused:) even though I knew they stink.

All the best and stay strong.




I haven't had that feeling while awake but In the first few 2 weeks I had lots of "Smoking" dreams.

I would dream that I had smoked and In my Dream I would be so mad with myself, Even when I woke up I would still think it had happened for a few seconds! Very Frightening:eek:


Not had that feeling at all, thankfully.

You haven't cheated, thats the only thing that matters :)


Never had that feeling but, have had the smoking dreams which seem really real when you wake up!!:eek:

At least you know that you haven't cheated, keep up the good work and hope it goes away soon!


I have smoking dreams now and then and kinda like them.Its the only way I will smoke.Sometimes I wake up and see if there is an ashtray next to the bed,just to be sure I am dreaming.:eek:


Yeah its a funny one and my poor old pa..

I don't know what it is about as it always is a bad feeling and I am always relieved when I think... hang on I definatly havn't smoked! I suppose part of me can't believe I have actually done it, and another part of me is it is my worst fear. So maybe it is a good thing as it confirms that it isn't what I want to do. I only had one smoking dream and like you guys woke up thinking oh no! What a strange phenomeno they are.

Went to see my dad the other day (big smoker)! And he was talking about how long I had quit for I started to say how easy it has been this time and he started reeling off how smoking was his one true pleasure and something he enjoys in life, how he doesn't care about the health risks, as he doesn't want to live forever, he doesn't mind how much money it costs as he enjoys it soo much and how it isn't about how quitting stops the bad things of smking but what GOOD things does it bring (I know, really wierd argument) the only point he would agree on was the fact the the smoking ban has made life less enjoyable for him. Made me sad really as he doesn't sound very well from all this smoking :(


You will never be able to persuade a smoker to stop, or convince him/her that it's a good idea.

I'm lucky in a way, that my Mum has now decided to give it a go.

You just have to hope that your Dad decides to quit in his own time.

I think you are looking at your "I cheated" thoughts in the right way, looks like it to me anyway.


Cheers stuart

:) Nice to have your seal of approval;)


:) Nice to have your seal of approval;)

Lol - You're welcome.


Have one from me to :D:D:D



LOL... I just had one last night

... dreamt that I was in an elevator holding a 1/2 smoked cigarette and it seemed so real that when I woke up I freaked out since that would have negated the work thus far.... I was releaved that I did not actually do it... stupid head!!!! LOL!


Dreamed I was shopping :p but was stood outside shop waiting to go in after finishing fag. Had similar sh!t I'm not supposed to do this panic feeling when in the dream I looked down and saw it in my hand :eek:

The brain is a very powerful tool.


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