No Smoking Day

Life is Getting Better!


So this is week 3, day 19 and it really is getting much easier.

I think about smoking less and less each day and it is no longer the first thing I think of when I open my eyes.

That physical urge to smoke has passed and about once a day I have this "I could murder a fag" thought which I don't bother about, after all, it is only a thought.

I think I can see a life without cigarettes.


I feel less tired now, I have more energy

My skin looks much better and I look less pasty!

I don't need my inhalor and can breath! No more coughing and no more wheezing in the night, that is amazing hoe quickly my breathing has improved

I can exercise and I like it

I have no excuses to not get out and try new things (I can go anywhere now without worrying that I won't be able to smoke)

I am saving over £135 per month!!!! More money for clothes and books!

I have more self respect and can look at myself in the mirror without scolding myself for knowingly putting my own health at risk and paying for it as well!

I can sit in 3 hour meetings at work without getting annoyed about wanting a fix

I don't have to stand outside work in the cold, wind and rain for a cigarette every hour and wonder why I am doing it???

I am free to come and go as I please without the little nicotine shadow constantly following me around begging for my attention

My home smells lovely and it is cleaner - less dust for some reason!

I do not smell like an old ashtray and my hair stays as fresh as a daisy

I don't need to worry about buying ciggies, running out of them and constantly counting how many I have smoked in a day then denying it is that bad and telling myself I will stop soon.......

My self confidence has gone through the roof - If I can quit smoking and get through it myself then what else is there to be afraid of.....? Nothing!


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That's fantastic.

And as time goes on it will get easier still.


I think I can see a life without cigarettes.

Really glad you are finding it easier - and it gets even better soon!!! The line above - when a quitter suddenly realises they don't actually miss them, that's when they know that they can do it, rather than beleiving they can. Congratulations :D

All the improvements you have noticed, fantastic - you are obviously a fast healer, like me. Some people take much longer to notice some of the things on your list.

Be aware, that things continue to improve as well :D

You really are doing wonderfully well.


Thank you for posting the benefits of your quit.

It really helps me to hear these stories of how good people are starting to feel.

Keep it up and keep thinking of the positives!



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