Done It!!!

My year was up yesterday!!!

I haven't been on here in a while but i recognise a few names who decided to start not smoking at the same time as me!! Well done you lot.

I feel great for it, my skin is so healthy, i don't have dark circles under my eyes, everything smells clean and fresh, my breath doesn't stink. I don't need to shiver outside. I've joined a gym and i feel so much more confident and healthier. I eat better and really enjoy my food, i can actually taste it now. I'm well chuft at myself.

It was easier than what i though it would be, i did it by cold turkey and the book by Allan Carr i think it was. I know i def wont be starting again. Don't miss it at all now.

Now i need to try and drink less vodka haha, one step at a time :D

Good Luck to the rest of you!!

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  • Congratulations,

    what an inspiration!


  • well done lynne, a full year what a great achievement :D

  • Well done - now go out and celebrate with the voddies just for today.:D


    I love to see these posts where people have made it ,it really boosts me.

    Thank you

  • Very well done. Congrats and a big thank you for coming back to show us it can be done. xxxx

  • A true winner.

    Thanks for being an inspiration and for coming back to let us know it can be done :D


  • Well done! Feel free to have an extra voddie for me!:)

  • That's great!!

    I'm only a week behind you.:)


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