No Smoking Day
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is it possible?? feel the effects of champix after 1 tablet??? or is it just in my head???

last night, i only smoked 2 fags where normally i would smoke at least triple that. i just didnt feel the need to go for one?? that could have been either in my head or just one of them days where u dont feel like it.

but - i also had 2 REALLY weird/vivid dreams last night. one was where my house got burgled and i was telling my husband to stay upstairs and let them take the stuff cos we were insured and i was scared they were gonna hurt us. it felt like it was ACTUALLY happening!

the second one was - i snogged my MD!!!!! :eek:

that THAT was a weird dream!!!!!!

perhaps it was also a co-incidence too that i had the dreams cos i do get weird dreams normally every now and again.

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When I started the Champix I also didn't feel the need to smoke as much. Like you I don't know if it is the tablet or whether it is because you are set on quitting and your head is in the right place about it.

With regard to the weird dreams I too have them. One was having two garages, one for the car and the other for garden rubbish but I couldn't get into it because it was full of grass cuttings packed tight. I wouldn't mind but I don't have a garden!!!:D:D:D

As for snogging an MD - naaah not mine anyway!:D


in my experience of the champix, it was better to take the 2nd pill no later than 7pm (always with food) earlier if you can, it helps with the dreams....i didnt have many , and they fade after a few weeks.

a few people did have problems with the dreams so i would start taking the pill quite early.

the cigs will start to taste funny , and you will find that you just dont want as many, you dont think about them.

the tablets are starting to work!!!!


these things are all things i expected but not after one tablet! lol

other thing was i found it very hard to get to sleep last night despite being extremely tired from a stressful weekend and late nights this week

iv taken number 2 this morning with brekky so hopefully it wont interupt my precious time with my bed tonight :D


Whether its the Champix or not take it as a good sign that you didn't want to smoke as much.

Sounds like this will give you the kickstart you need to get off the smokes for good.

All the best



Hi :) whether its the pills or not it sounds like things are going well and you will soon be a successful ex-smoker!!! yay! well done you! x


ok i am now utterly convinced that these things are working already. as i said took my second one with brekky, and i have not been out for a smoke since on the way to work (just before i posted original message) would usually have had at least 2... even now i dont feel like one!!!!

this stuff is amazing! whether its the pill OR the thought of taking it thats doing this to me - i am impressed !!!!


As long as they are working that all that matters. I cant remember when mine kicked in but i was early. I tried so hard to smoke but it tasted vile.

As for weird dream OMG i had loads.


I felt the effects of the tablets very quickly too.

It's a wonder drug I tell's ya!!!!

I am so happy to have started my quit with them - good luck, it sounds like you will do great!


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