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On day 33 I failed my quit and have gone back to smoking full-time for the last 3 days. Scary how quickly smoking becomes normal again.

On the bright side, it has cemented in my mind how I don't enjoy smoking, get nothing from it, and hate it. A reminder of why I quit in the first place.

Planning to jump back on the wagon at some point in the next few days, once I get my head into the right place again. Feeling positive.

Nicodemon might have won this battle but he has not won the war!

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  • What a shame, Matt, but am glad that you're so philisophical about what happened, have clearly learned from it, and are determined to get back on the wagon as soon as possible.

    You'll be both stronger and wiser next time I am sure. :)

  • Hi Matt,

    Get quit again quick - join me in day 1?????

    Good luck whatever you decide


  • Hi, great to realise, that you now know you don't want to smoke, and planning another quit date:) I also had a blip after around a month, got back on the wagon quite quickly so far so good.

    Sending lots of luck you way.:)

  • I have been soooooo close a couple of times to jump off the wagon but managed to cling on by my finger nails.

    Jump back on! The view is lovely up here :D

  • Well I too admire your honesty Matt, at least it's reaffirmed why you hate smoking and when you do quit again you will be even stronger x

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