13 days. all's well

Hi everyone.

so far. so good. 1week, 6days.. by 8.pm tonight be starting 3rd week,:D

feel really good about this. if ever i wanted to smoke again. then this would

be the week... i broken my toe on saturday night. now im off work for maybe

4weeks, can't do much. just watching dvds. and you know what. i have not

once been thinking about HOW MUCH I NEED A CIG.

if i can think like that anyone can. i smoke a hell of a lot. and i wish i never

tryd it again, but i did and that why im on a new Quit.... this time will be the

last time. all the best to you all for giving-up.. keep going:)

take care


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  • Well done Alan

    Hope this IS quit thats for keeps.

    All the best.


  • Hi Alan

    So please your new quit is going good sorry about your toe. But as they say its all sent to try us. I also relapsed and now back on day 3. xxxx

  • Hi Alan

    you know the drill this time....not one Puff!!!!!

    Stay strong and i know you can do it.

  • Well done Alan - you know you can do this :)

  • thanks everyone.

    this is the one. smoking is in the past now for me. as they say in Star Trek

    LIVE LONG AND PROSPER;) take care


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