Day 10 and all is well

Hello one and all

Day 10 for me and for the first time I feel upbeat today, not much in the craving department but as usual I could eat a horse (or a small child covered in chocolate and deep fried:p).

Hubby meeting me from work and we are going for a pub lunch and frankly because I have been very good on the food and exercise front I have decided to eat as much from the menu as one possibly can!! and because I'm not driving home later I may have a red wine. God I'm such a rebel.

Hope you are all fit and well today.


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  • Can I come, sounds just what I need, starving and in need of alchohol

  • You are only up the M6, get yourself here as hubby is paying. Oh let's get pudding!

    Remind me about this when I'm complaining I'm fat tomorrow!!:D

  • Bread & butter pudding at the Queens Head in Troutbeck, the best ever

  • murphs can even bring the horse or if your really lucky the small child :eek:

  • I'm feeling brave tonight, hubby is out (thank god he was doing my bloody head in!! bless him) so I never went to the gym, I have opened a bottle of red and ordered a pizza!!!

    I also KNOW there is 20 unopened cigarettes here but I promise I will not touch them. How's that for will power, however the diet has gone pear shaped (like I will be soon).

    Cheers everyone;)

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