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hangin in there

hiya everyone im still hanging in there going strong hope everyone else is doing ok too, i have had the urge to smoke over the past few days but my mate has undergo a heart bypass but he has major heart problems his chances of survival was low but he has got threw the op he is doing well but he hasnt woke uip yet. he will do thou i have every confidence in the hospital as it isnt my local one lol. thanks 2 those that asked.

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I've been encouraging you in the beginning - I needed help last week - got it - I'm still here for you




well done girl!

And in the face of daunting odds it would be so easy to fall back into smokin!

Hope the thing go well for your bud, the advances they have made in heart surgery have been truly amazing.

All the best




Sorry I didn't really read your post - just had to give support

A few weeks ago I was really down because my hubby had to have a second op for skin cancer. The first - so called minor surgery - last December - didn't work

We then had to have more surgery .. Amazing skin grafts etc..

But it is still bothering him, next checkup 10 Oct

I couldn't bear to lose him but I have to stay positive..

Going on a cruise on the Oriana at Xmas - all saved BY NO SMOKING - I HAVE PUT MY CIGGIE MONEY AWAY EVERY WEEK FOR NEARLY A YEAR


well done suzy,

getting thru a tough situation like your mate's op. is brilliant.. more "grist to the mill" (whatever that really means!?!?) another trigger dealt with; another level of confidence in your quit...

stay strong and best wishes for your friends recovery...




Congrats on those Oriana tickets - one hell of an achievement!! You must be soooo proud;)

And lots of luck for yr hubby - hope they got it this time...and you must stay positive for him and for yourself. I had cancer couple years ago and it was the positive people around me that helped me through it...

loads of luck to you both...:)



Thanks Nicky

I survived choriocarcinoma in 1979 through experimental treatment at Charing X Hospital.

The thing I have always said is that it is easy being the "victim" - watching a loved one is so far worse............


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