No Smoking Day

Day 6 (plus a dumb question)

Hi All

Into Day 6 and feeling better than yesterday, just getting on with it!!

Was having a "thoughts about smoking moment" and a daft question came into my mind. I am going to a concert on Monday and was thinking "if the band/artiste smokes do they have to go outside or do they get preferential treatment and can smoke in the dressing room?"

Take care all and good luck in your quits.


2 Replies

I would imagine that since the dressing room is not only their place of work but also that of their assistants, make up artist, hair dresser etc they would not be able to smoke there but then again who is going to stop them!


bands aren't allowed to smoke inside any more than Jo Public is...there was big fuss few months ago when one the the Stones lit up on stage...don't know if he got fined?!?



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