New and on day 7

Hi everyone ......

Just stumbled across this site so thought i would join here is a little bit about me ......

My name is tracey and i am a recovering nicotin addict . I had my first date with nic at the age of 11 and have been smoking ever since . Over the past couple of years my dependancy grew to 40 a day :mad:, so anyway i decided that it was time me and nic went our seperate ways so last monday morning at i put on a nicotine patch and took the first step to end my relationship. The first couple of days were quiet easy , then i hit day 3 and the cravings really started to kick in bad , but i didn't go back to nic for 1 last fling i kept going and now i have done my first week and it feels great :D.

Anyway i think that about sums up everything lol so looking foward to chatting to you all and supporting as much as i can .

Tracey x

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  • Hi Tracey

    Welcome to the forum,

    Well done on your 1st week of freedom from smoking!

    We are all here for the same thing, so if you want anything just shout.



  • Well done!

    Kick that Nic out, you so don't need him!

    Good luck and keep it up ;)

  • Well done!

    Kick that Nic out, you so don't need him!

    I'm starting to feel a bit paranoid now :eek:



  • hi Tracey and welcome to the forum...

    congrats on getting through your first week - a huge milestone...

    stay with it and shout when you need help - always someone here in the same boat or someone who has been there;)

    good luck...


  • Hi Tracey and welcome.

    I quit on last Monday too. Well done on reaching the milestone of one week. Seems like you are taking it all in your stride. I hear these rumours that day 7/8 are hard - so lets brace ourselves!

    Perhaps we should start a team so that we can track each other's progress. What do you think?



  • :) thanks for the very warm welcome !!

    Yeah sure Chris201278 sounds like a good plan to me :D

    Speak to you all soon

    Tracey x

  • Well done Tracey!

    40 a day is fearsome...Your lungs must be chucking up some stuff!!

    Stay with it. each lungful ejected is a little more space to breathe...



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