No Smoking Day

*New Member* Day 7 Hi all!

Hello all,

I stumbled across this forum yesterday, while looking to see why I so needed a ciggy lol.

Well its been 7 days since I gave up (New years Eve Midnight), and its been going ok i think.

I thought however id feel better than this,dunno if its the same with everyone.

Ive been taking champix, that i tried to quit with before, but failed.

The symptoms i feel are constantly feeling tired, and nauseous, like almost wanting to be sick (especially in the morning). cant sleep at night, and sore throat with a tight chest.

seems to me i was better off smoking :(

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The symptoms you describe are all perfectly normal in the early days and will pass - you are certainly not better off smoking. In a couple of weeks (couple of months at the most) all of these symptoms will be gone for good. Smoking will gradually make you more and more ill.

While Nausea and tiredness are often related to coming off nicotine, they can also be related to Champix. I found that taking the tablets and then eating helped a lot, but other people say taking them after food helps. Experiment and see if it improves.

A smoke will not help though. Get that completely clear. All it will do is put poison in your body.

May I suggest you have a good read of this place, and

You may also want to get hold of a copy of Allen Carrs book.

The majority on this forum are finding that a little knowledge goes a massive way to helping along with their chosen quit method. Some (like me) find that the chosen method is no longer the right way for them once they learn about the addiction. I came off Champix 7 weeks early and have never looked back... but you will find that out for yourself as you go along.

AT one week you are already free of nicotine, and all the physical cravings are gone - all you have to deal with is the phsycological cravings.... so read, read, read :D


hey guys thanks for all messages of support (its helping believe me).

Ive got alan carrs audio on my phone, and yes it does give me the willpower to stay stopped.

Also im a recovering alcoholic, (15 months sober), so im trying to apply the same AA principles to nicotine, which is "a day at a time".

Never thought it would be as hard as alcohol to quit though!!

Thank God for tea is all i can say (i went off coffe when i stopped drinking!!).

Thanks again guys!!



Hi Glenn and well done hun on your first week without smoking.

Huge well done on quitting the drink to, that is a fantastic achievement, you must be really proud of yourself.

Just hang in there hun, im with you on day 7 and will be with you on month 7 :) Keep strong hun you can do it :) I hope the side effects pass soon for you.




Thankyou all i feel so much better i know im going through this with others. Really does provide a well needed boost when morale is flagging. Ive bookmarked this site on my phone now so like my fags used to be it can go everywhere with me !


Hi Glen - I think you're doing fabulous.


glinja hi,,,your in the right place ,,congrats on your too quits..there are lots of side effects when you stop smoking..but they will go in time..then you will reap the rewards of beening an non smoker..listen to all the advice you get here.and you wont go far wrong ,you just keep the faith all the best tony


hi glenn...great that you found the forum and that it's helping you through a sticky patch...

second everything that others have said...stick with the champix if you possibly can - worked for me when every other method known to man has failed more than once!!:o

I did reduce the dose though to just .5mg/day - worked for me but I'm vertically challenged and don't weigh a lot!! But I was a heavy smoker...

I used the AA mantra of "one day at a time" and it made huge difference to my quit because the thought of never smoking again always terrified me an extent I still use it today 9months down the line...what ever works for you works...

I admire you hugely for taking on another massive personal challenge and wish you success - if you can beat the booze you can beat nicotine...

good luck



Hi Glen

Welcome and congrats on your day 8 now your doing fab. stick with us you will have great support here. Also BIG WELL DONE on the drink My son is active alcohlic so I know how hard it can be. xxxxxxx


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