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Start of month 9


Morning all

Starting month 9 today with josie, Jojo, Gary and any other new year quitters. There was 13 when we started NYD wonder how many still quit. Dont know if im the only one but still think of ciggys every day and some times think I cant go all my life thinking about them Just wish it would start giving me a rest. But not smoking and nothing like the start of the quit so will not smoke today. Brand new month maybe things will change for the better this month. Well done everyone anyway. Off to work now speak later. xxxxxx

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well done. You are doing Brillantly.

Considering all you have had to deal with i reckon you are doing fantastically well.

Good for you.

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Well done you lot!

Its great to see people making it to 9 months, a real inspiration and proof that it can be done.

Stick with it, and don't let your guard down.



I have to say it does feel good and we can be a little smug today!!

I wish they would ban the smokers outside pubs now as they piss me off the most.............(I am acually a little envious). So if they were gone, that would certainly help.

Stats looking pretty impressive..........

My name is Gary.

I have stopped nicotine for 8 months, 5 hours, 15 minutes and 27 seconds (244 days).

I've not smoked 7327 death sticks, and saved £2,035.16.

I've saved 25 days, 10 hours and 32 minutes of my life.

Well done to all the remaining NYQ's. :)

9 Months,that is fantastic,1 year around the corner:D

see now if we were pregnant it would be nearly over lol - but im with Linda still want one and know i cant - smokers in cars bother me thats when i liked to smoke, still a bit of a bisto kid ;)

BUT i dont actually crave them - just want one coz i cant have one


Well done Linda and any other NYQ'ers still active. 9 months is brilliant!

Congratulations Linda, 9 months is brilliant. I still think about them as well, not cravings just thoughts, I wish too that they would go away, i'm sure they will!!

Anyway, you should be very very proud of yourself.


It must be getting easier


Congrats, Linda. It must be getting easier. I know I passed my 10-month mark and didn't even think about it. These days for me to know how long ago I quit I have to stop and count up to it. I can't remember the last time I had a craving.

In a month and a half I will be at the one-year mark and I will be ever-so-thankful. It was so hard quitting--thank heaven's I have an understading boss because I don't think I got a lick of work done for the first month and a half...I just couldn't focus on anything for more than 30 seconds. I gained a ton of weight, which I've worked off over the summer, so all is back to where I was a year ago, except I don't smoke and don't even think about it anymore.

Good luck all. There is a life after cigarettes and believe me it's just fine, even wonderful. You can taste the cheesecake when you kiss your lover after a piece of cheesecake in the evening, you don't cough up that nasty, slimy phlegm, you don't think about cigs and don't empty any ashtrays, the trash itself doesn't stink to high heaven, there isn't a film on the inside of the car window, and the pennies saved really mount up to a mountain of cash--in my case I could buy a car or afford a luxury get-away in Antarctica or the Amazon Jungle with the money I've saved.

So best of luck, Linda, and all the rest of you. It is not only possible, but wonderful to quit. Living smoke free is a really, really good way to live.


Quit: October 18, 2007

Method: Cold Turkey

Lapses: none!

Side Note: Found a nasty, dried-out old cigarette in the back of a drawer a while back and i didn't even think twice. Into the trash it went. Not even a temptation anymore.

congrats to you all :)

sorry, im a bit late......must have missed this somehow!!!


well done !!!!!!

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