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New, failed after 17 days. try again

I have smoked for 17 years at least 20 per day.

I decided to stop smoking without a moments thought - bought nicorette - and stopped for 17 days :)

But then I got curious. What was it like to smoke? How nice it used to be!

No matter how much nicorette, I need to taste and smell the cig. Needed to feel the smoke.

So, now I been on like 1-2 per day for 4 days. Not good.

Now I going to try again, i know what made me weak.

I hope though I stay motivated this time.. i know i am not starting off with such strong feelings as last time. I got to make and exceed those 17 days.

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oh and the stop smoking started again at 18:00 tonight.. :eek:



Welcome to the forum wmason :)

I believe that stopping smoking can be as easy as you want it to be, you just have to want to be a non smoker more than you want to give in to the old cravings.

Stick with us and we'll see you right ;)

Decide now that you're gonna be a non smoker and never regret that decision. That got me through many long days!

Good luck for your quit! :D


very true

i agree phil

i think about the smell, the money and the complete inconvienience of smoking...... and you have to remember that want a cig because you are an addict. who wants to be an addict???? we should do things because we choose to, not because of an addiction, i think that thought helped me through x


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