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failed but trying again

Hi all - hope you are all well.

Well following a house move and no access to internet and the support of this site and trying to go cold turkey to early I failed my quit after two weeks.

I'm now confused as to whether all the variables in my life that were changing were to blame or the fact that I just didn't want it enough when it came down to it. Now im a bit concerned that if i try again it will be another wasted opportunity.

Im disappointed that Im back to the bargaining with myself stage and that I'm considering holding off quitting till after my thirtieth birthday celebrations in a few weeks.

However, I went back into the doctors yesterday and got another champix starter pack which i started yesterday. I also have my house move out the way and have convinced my best friend (who it wasnt easy being around smoking) to quit with me this time. Gonna have a kind of competition i think which will help.

I'm having to go to the library to check email until my internet in my new flat is installed so wont be on the board much to begin with but hope all that were doing so well last time I was on are still on track,



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Hi Bman :D

Sorry you failed after 2 weeks but it happens sometimes but well done starting again

I agree with Chrissie about this if you didn't want to quit you wouldn't have gone back to the Drs and got more champix or started to take it already

You'll have learnt from that mistake I'm sure also your best friend quitting with you should be a huge help to you especially as you sat you think it will be a competition between you

Keep in touch as much as you can and remember we're all here for you whenever you need us for whatever reason


Marg xxxxxxx


Heyyyy :D glad to see you back. Shame about your relapse but we've all been there and had one or a million so don't beat yourself up about it just try try and try again. You should hurry up and get internet at home, I dunno what I'd do without the net :S Actually I relapsed once before when my ISP was having problems and I couldn't get on here and drove myself to distraction :rolleyes:


Hi Bman

Having your friend with you will help a lot. I'm doing it with my sister and it really does make you more determined. You can't be the first one to fail :p

Think of all the money you will have to spend on your new house :D And this house wont stink of smoke :D

You just had a wee blip and we all have them :)

Carol x


Just a set back...

I hate that people call it failed. Somehow seems unfair and a bit much really, when you have already shown the courage to get as far as you have.

Cold Turkey is bad enough, but trying that as well as moving house....concentrated stress!!

Keep going. It's very much a one day at a time thing, but as I am sure you found before the move, it does, little by little get easier.

Best of luck.


hey all,

well i got internet! blimey - you really don't realise how much you rely on something sometimes until its taken away. guess that goes for the smoking as well eh?!

well day 4 of the champix and not going to rush anything this time. Last time I quit smoking on day 4 of Champix and then stopped taking them by day 10. this time im gonna do it properly, so still smoking but doing the mental preperation that is so important and building up to do it in a few days as you are supposed to.

lol - typical man - only reads the manual once he realises he cant get it to work by himself!!

Thanks for all your support everyone. Good to be back!

And congrats to all who are going strong.


Hi Bman :D

Glad to hear you have your internet back again

Also glad you're doing the mental preparation as well and taking it a bit slower this time them baby steps will get you where you want to go after all


Marg xxxxxxxx


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