Helloooo All!

Yo peeps!!

Flippin 'eck!! I see it's still the same madness round here then!! :eek:

Ha ha - ever so funny reading though!! You know I like a good drama! :D

Just wanted to pop my head in and say "Hi"!! I hope you're all doing well and are still strong in your quits!!

I've been super busy with work & life in general so have not been able to post for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaages!!

428!!! How ya'll doing??! Are we all still quit!?

I have to say, coming back and reading some of the threads here, over the other site, and that shocker of a thread on Gumtree - I don't know how a lot of you are still quit!! STRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRESFUL! I was reading through it all trying to get to grips with what has happened and found myself gaggin for a ciggie at one point... !!:eek: So I stopped there!!

Anyway - I'll pop back from time to time.. take care people, and don't smoke, it's VERY bad for your health (bit like forums when they go awol!!;)) xxxx

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  • haha come back Sa we miss u - glad ur doin well


  • Hi ya lady sa,

    im still quit its good to see you back and i didnt know about any thread on gumtree, im lost with the whole situation lol

    Glad your still quit :D

  • hey sara

    hows the library .....................john reads alot u know :cool:

  • Who reads alot pmsl :D

  • Im ok at the minute havent been cut off just yet but so i havent been down the library lol

  • u sure all lookin bit suss to me what with john 'going off for a while' ;)

  • Nice to see you Lady Sa - glad your quit is going so well :)

  • u sure all lookin bit suss to me what with john 'going off for a while' ;)

    Ive hid him in my cupboard i only let him out to clean and cook pmsl :p

  • She's making me wear a pinny...

    You look smashing John!


  • Oh come off it cword, Johns is lacy and doesnt cover half that much skin lol ;)

  • lovely to see you back :D

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